Maple Room – abutilon, varieties and cultivation

How does it look, photo and description of varieties

How does it look, photo and description of varieties

Abutilon – flowering indoor plant, belonging to the family Malvaceae. Homeland most types of abutilon are subtropical and tropical South America, Africa, Australia, India and China. The genus abutilon includes about 150 species of plants that can be both herbaceous plants and shrubs, and trees.

For abutilon characterized by the following features: reminiscent of maple next 3-5-lobed leaves with crenate margin; Flowers usually solitary (sometimes in the form of an inflorescence-brush), consisting of five fused petals together. In appearance the flowers resemble a bell.

Abutilon – growing from seeds and care at home

Abutilon / maple room – one of the easiest to grow and undemanding houseplants. The best place for their cultivation are areas with southern windows and low winter temperatures. The indoor maple is a light-loving plants to withstand direct sunlight. If additional lighting can bloom in winter, but the colors will be less decorative. abutilon summer grows well at room temperature, but in the winter it must be kept in a cool (10-15 ° C), or flowering will be less intense in the next period. Optimal soil for growing abutilon should be light enough and contain a large amount of humus. Watering should abutilon in summer at least 2-3 times a week, and during the cold season – as the soil dries. Also, to maintain the necessary humidity to be located in the vicinity of plants with open vessels or regular water spraying. Feeding can be combined with spraying, watering, and do them 3-4 times a month, which will positively affect both the quality and the duration of flowering abutilon.

Abutilon quickly growing (annual growth of up to 50 cm), so the plant needs a mandatory spring transplanting and pruning to form the crown. The cut branches can be cut into small cuttings and used for breeding. In addition to vegetative reproduction retains signs of the mother plant, abutilon can also be propagated and seeds. Shoots abutilon appear within a week after sowing.

Popular and common varieties:

  • Abutilon vinogradolistny. Small deciduous shrub with small leaves and shoots. Bluish flowers are collected in small loose brush.
  • Abutilon striped. A small shrub with short shoots with yellow flowers, some varieties – terry.
  • Abutilon megapotamsky. Reaching 1,5 m sized shrub with thin “weeping” shoots and elongated leaves. The flowers are reminiscent of a Chinese lantern with bright yellow petals.