Посадка хвойных растений

Landscape of coniferous plants, planting and care of bushes. Correct diagram photo

Landscape of coniferous plants, planting and care of bushes. Correct diagram photo

Conifers will add originality of any garden landscape style. They involve strict charm of dark green and amazing aroma of pine needles and resin.

  • Fir will be able to decorate a large country site and will serve as a living Christmas tree for many years.
  • Dwarf formidable Chamaecyparis look at the alpine hill.
  • Special beauty endowed with junipers.
  • Spring larch tree becomes amazingly beautiful.
  • Spruce shows miracles of endurance, and pine is very attractive.
  • Tees durable and arborvitae undemanding.

If you want to buy more sustainable and hardened conifers – pay attention to grown in local nurseries. These gymnosperms are planted in the spring, when the pass between the last frost. You can carry out landing at the end of the summer or in the first month of autumn, the plants were able to prepare for the winter season.

Conifers, which were grown in containers can be transplanted at any season of the year, except for the cold. Before planting seedlings determine the type of soil in your yard. It is desirable that the soil was fertile, moist, well-drained. Prepare a hole for planting. At the bottom of the pit poured a mound bucket humus. Conveniently, if the landing is performed by two people. One puts a sapling on the mound, gently spreading the roots so that they descended down the mound. Another – sleeps soil and lightly compacts, filling between the roots by hand.

After the number of works, form roller of the fertile layer to form a hole for watering. It poured a few buckets of water. A day in the hole, you must add the soil and the surface zamulchirovat. If the weather is warm and dry – seedlings watered no more than once every two weeks.

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