Persian cyclamen, care and cultivation

Planting, growing and care for cyclamen in the home, photos, description

Planting, growing and care for cyclamen in the home, photos, description

Persian cyclamen, how to look, and to grow a beautiful flower to plant in the home? You have to understand, Cyclamen is a whimsical flower – flower pots, to make it look nice and pleased the hosts, the room temperature should be 13-17 °C. During the summer period the Persian cyclamen is better to put on the windowsill in the west of the house, and in the winter – in the south. To flowerpot leaves do not turn yellow, cyclamen provide light, and avoid drafts. Watering the plant must be abundant warm water, but make sure that the liquid does not impinge on the leaves and young shoots, and the flower begins to rot. Feeding is carried out twice a month, for the purchase of fertilizer for houseplants.

Dilute the plant at home in winter, when it is resting and gaining strength, by dividing the root. Tuber is removed from the soil, it dries up, and divide it into several parts, place the root slice treat disinfectants and plant in pots.

Another way of breeding Persian cyclamen – use the same easy way – by growing from seed. To do this, take a brush and transfer the pollen from one flower to another, ie pollination produce at home. Ripen seeds will be a couple of months when ripe bud with seeds will open and you can collect and sow. To do this, soak for 12 hours in zircon, and set into the ground at 1.5 cm. And attribute box of seeds in a dark place, basting periodically. When the seeds sprout, the seedlings watered and swooping.

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