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Small tree at home - Bonsai, photo, history

Small tree at home – Bonsai, photo, history

From the outset the existence of original and beautiful plants affected a lot of people’s hearts. It’s incredible that in an ordinary small pot for indoor plants have the opportunity to see a real tree, but in proportion to the reduced size. Even the owners themselves do not cease to admire their own little tree. Each new moment in the change of weather, day and night, or the change of the seasons, making the appropriate adjustments to the appearance presented by the plant. So, we’ll talk about the unusual art, which appeared in the east. If you see the front of a small part of nature, but in miniature form, I assure you it is indifferent will not leave.

An elegant small tree has all the charms of springtime, the bright colors of the warm summer, cold and warm leaves that fall off in autumn and winter snowflakes refined figures. It is indeed true, as the time changes the window – and also changes the appearance of the bonsai, which tries each time new images, be sure to attract attention and admiration of the plural.

History of Bonsai

Gorgeous photos of a small tree in the room

Gorgeous photos of a small tree in the room

Historical facts are no less interesting. Despite the fact that bonsai is a plant, it is often referred to as an art. First representative grown in China, and spread itself acted only in certain regions. Not to disclose a new invention for a simple reason, in the early stages of bonsai was not the way it was conceived. Later, for the improvement of the species we took Japanese scientists. For the second half of the 20th century, a miniature tree that was popular only in certain countries, gaining more and more fans around the world.

Wherever growing bonsai representative – it is constantly want to change. Formation of building a plant varies with each new acquisition of bonsai. Virtually all experts and owners of trees make their own nuances and ideas, and in most cases, owners seek to change the type of bonsai in full, in order to present a new plant, like the trees that have not been used in oriental art. In similar cases, the basis for taking those trees that are popular in certain regions of residence.

Modern art

In today’s world the art of bonsai actually see almost everywhere, it is especially popular in the territories of the homeland represented type – Japan and China, which is not surprising. In these countries, miniature trees live not only in limiting the houses, but also artificial places. For example, copies of bonsai paint in various kinds of paintings, printed on postage stamps. Especially popular manual production of trees, there are many ways for the process. Masters weaving plant or bead wire technique, embroidery on fabric, molded in plaster or clay. In fact, there are many images that might convey the look and beauty of bonsai, but real and wonderful, what little trees are live – do not depict any one creative technique.

Real, live plant is a great emotion, especially those samples that were grown under close supervision, compliance with all the rules of plants and formation workshops. At first glance, it seems to grow a miniature copy of these trees is difficult, and there is nothing to deny. Indeed, in the home is difficult to observe everything east of demand technology, but patience and desire above any obstacles and learn how to grow bonsai really simply the process takes time.

Your time and efforts will not go in vain. In return, the house will own a small piece of Mother Nature, the admiration of which would be not only the owner, but also in others.

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