Types stonecrop

Stonecrop (sedum) Stahl (Sedum stahlii) – a small herbaceous plant with bright green leaf oval. The leaves are fleshy, thick, brown and red hues. The plant is a perennial, erect. Flowers are small, are collected into larger inflorescence yellow. Flowering time late summer – early autumn.

Types (varieties) family stonecrop sedum, description and a photo

Types (varieties) family stonecrop sedum, description and a photo

Stonecrop (sedum) Mexico (Sedum mexicanum) -. Plant with long, slender branches that descend down to about 20 cm feels well in difficult to achieve light locations. The leaves are long, slender, resemble needles, rich green color. With a large exposure to sunlight the leaves begin to turn yellow.

Stonecrop (sedum) are bent (Sedum reflexum) – a small perennial plant with bright green color. The longest branches reach 20 cm feature of this kind -. Horizontal growth of roots, thereby forming a continuous green cover on a fairly large area. For proper growth should be planted in pots wide. Yellow flowers are collected in inflorescence.

Stonecrop (sedum) Morgan (Sedum morganianum) – the most popular type. Planted plant in pots or hanging pot, as long vyrostayut branches (up to 1 m) on the branches small green leaves with a blue tint, thick. They are very easy to keep the branches, so it is often overfly even from the slightest contact with the subject.

Stonecrop (sedum), red-colored (Sedum rubrotinctum) – a medium-sized shrub native to Mexico. Almost all of the paper is red, and the edges of the gray-zelenye.kust branching, the longest branches reach 30 cm in warm and sunny weather.

Stonecrop (sedum) Tolstolisty (Sedum pachyphyllum) – the plant is very similar to the red-colored Sedum. The main difference – the color of the sheet. Oval leaves are gray-green color, the tip of which is painted in red. Branches erect or lodge can reach a length of 30 cm.

Stonecrop (sedum) Siebold (Sedum sieboldii) – the most popular among the houseplants. Easy-care, unpretentious. Usually planted in pots and suspended. The branches are long, nicely hanging down. Leaves are small, located on 3 things. There are leaves of different shapes and colors: round, oval, serrated; green, red, yellow spots, pink flowers.

Stonecrop (sedum) styloid (Sedum subulatum) – a small plant, which shoots only 15 sm.Listya stonecrop pointed, needle-like because of what this plant got its name. Color can be a gray-green or golden. The flowers are also beautiful yellow flowers up to 20 cm. Undemanding and resistant to hot weather conditions.

Stonecrop (sedum) Weinberg (Sedum weinbergii) – erect plant is green with blue tinge because of waxy coating on the sheet. With age, the branches begin to travel along the ground.

Stonecrop (sedum) Burritos (Sedum burrito) – very easy plant to grow in a small apartment. In general, all characteristics agree with stonecrop Morgan, differs only in the shape of leaves: it is more rounded in the burrito.

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