Care stonecrop sedum family

Sedum is great for people who do not yet have much experience in the cultivation of flowers. The plant is unpretentious and does not require much attention. It is important just in time to transplant and to plant new plants. Because a few years later they grow and become less attractive.

Planting, maintenance stonecrop (sedum), care and photos

Planting, maintenance stonecrop (sedum), care and photos

Originally from the warm countries, sedum likes lots of sunlight and heat, easily tolerate high temperatures. There are species that are adapted to life in the shade, so is suitable for growing either side of the house. If heliophilous view sedum leave for a long time in the shade, then from lack of sunlight branches will stretch, made thinner and weaken. Weak plants will not bloom in such conditions, except perhaps Stonecrop Morgan.

Adapted to large temperature changes, some species of stonecrop may have called all the winter outdoors. Sedum come from hot countries in winter on the street will die, it does not tolerate frost. The minimum temperature that is acceptable – 5 degrees above zero. For some species, even the open window could be dangerous in winter. But in summer everything stonecrops feel comfortable.

The most active growth of sedum fall to the summer period. Water the plants do not need too much, as the drying of the soil. In winter, the plant is resting, so does not need watering. If sedum does not get enough water, it can circumnavigate the leaves, but from excessive moisture stonecrop can fester and die. So it is better not to go too far.

To dust does not settle on the sheets of paper, you can sprinkle them with water. In addition, the air does not need to moisturize. Suffice it only once a month to feed mix for cacti and succulents. In winter fertilization should be discarded, sedum needs no additional substances.

Transplant stonecrop depends largely on the type. For example, some require a transplant in the second year, and the other only through 3-4. The older the plant, the less often it needs to be repotted. This is done to sedum has not lost its appearance and decoration. It is important for the transplant not to damage the root system, therefore you need to choose a shallow but wide pots.

It is important for sedum air infiltration and moisture to the soil. Suitable land is ready for cacti or ground sheet, mixed with turf with the addition of sand. At the bottom of the pot must be installed drain from stones or broken bricks.
Ripple sedum can be quite simple using cuttings or division of use of the bush. Move to another pot and rooting at a moderate temperature (18-20 degrees) and cover them. It is important to constantly ventilate the planted cuttings.

Stonecrop resists almost any pest. The greatest danger to the root system can bear unless the root scale insects.

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