Plants in hanging baskets

Planting plants in hanging baskets, description and a photo

Planting plants in hanging baskets, description and a photo

Be sure to use the hanging planters to plant to plant, they look great in the area and to please their masters colorful, fragrant, colorful flowers. Of course, they may be located in the garden, but still interesting and attractive, get the hang of them in the courtyard or on the fence on the wall of the house. Your plants will delight you with fragrant flowers, if, at first, will get the right plant, and secondly, regularly and thoroughly watered, and thirdly, to feed.

How to avoid mistakes among a large selection represented on such goods market? Is it better to buy a basket or planter? Today there are two main types of hanging baskets: openwork basket made of wire, and closed plastic pots. And the other one is actively presented in stores, and come in different shapes and sizes. You can find wall-mounted model. Baskets of wire suitable for planting flowers, they look good, with the already established plants, both on the sides and in the middle. However, it has disadvantages, because the inside is necessary to lay moss, plastic, other materials, and also in plants such containers require frequent watering. This occurs particularly in the hot season, when the ground dries quickly, because the contents of the basket has an open air access. Moisture in these baskets is not long delayed. To irrigate had less add to the soil pellets, they will retain the water, by the way, the beads are sold in stores. And you can make the water tank and put it on the bottom of the basket, then the plants will absorb the moisture before it evaporates. However, the baskets will be quite heavy tanks, hanging such containers, make sure that they are securely fastened.

In order to keep the mold in a basket made of wire, create a layer between the frame and the ground. Of course, you can buy ready-made layers of synthetic or natural materials, by the way, coconut mats of fibers will perfectly cope with the tasks. If you do not trust purchased materials, make a mat with your hands from the branches of pine needles or moss, most importantly, choosing the material for such purposes, make sure that the plant will not rot from excessive moisture.

Many stores in the spring and autumn sales are already planted baskets with plants. If you are among these buyers, the purchase such baskets than before, because then still have their full range. Buying early spring delicate plants, and are afraid that the frost will ruin them, ask the store to hold the goods for you until you pass the cold and warm weather.

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