Aloe vera, care at home

Medicinal flower, aloe, houseplant care, cultivation, breeding, photos, watering description

Medicinal flower, aloe, houseplant care, cultivation, breeding, photos, watering description

The most popular and useful among all ornamental plants – aloe. There are many recipes from diseases from which you can get rid of with the help of this plant. Domestic name – agave, belongs to the family Asphodelaceae and employs more than 400 species. All varieties of Aloe combines a very bitter taste leaf and aloe Arabic and translated – bitter.

The plant consists of a thick trunk and thick, sharp leaves with serrated or spines. In their homeland in Africa, there are many varieties, you can find small clumps of giant treelike plants of various shapes and colors.

practically do not bloom at home, but it can be quite long in the pot, up to a maximum of 20 years. The wild flowers are in the form of a yellow tube of red flowers on a long stalk.

Aloe vera – a plant that has a number of medicinal properties.

Aloe descoingsii – it is the smallest member of aloe.

Aloe intimidating (Aloe ferox) – gained its name because of the large plates, which are dotted with large brown spiked with a red tint.

Medicine aloe home

People are always trying to prolong his life as long as possible, as the experience less pain and disease can be. His life people trusted plants, only with their help you can get rid of mild headaches to severe chronic diseases. Aloe, in turn, has a reputation as a good and reliable doctor. With its help, as well as thousands of years ago, people are being treated for a cold, coughing, burns, cuts, and even ulcers.

Many modern drugs are based on the action of aloe, they positively affect the overall condition of the person, raises immunity, soothes the inflamed areas of the skin and mucous membranes, relieves pain.

Aloe juice has a beneficial effect on the skin, face, preserving its youth and elasticity. On the basis of the plants produce a variety of cosmetic and hygiene products.

Most healing properties of Aloe Vera and has a tree, but from the plant to aid to be effective, it must be older than 3 years.

Aloe vera plant care in the home, the indoor environment

To plant a well-grown and benefited, you need to follow a few rules is not difficult. The most important thing is to keep the plant in a light room and not fill.

For the growth of aloe should do a lot of sunlight, because of its lack, the branches are made thin and weak, lighter leaves. The best option will be the cultivation of aloe on the south window or balcony (in summer). Interrupting the plants in the open air has a positive effect on the plant: the trunk become thicker and stronger, fleshy leaves and thorns more.

All succulent plants fear the excess moisture, watering should be moderate, and in the winter is much less common. If the plant overdry constant, the amount of juice in sheets will be much less. It is best to water the aloe below that excess moisture is not retained in the pot, and all the roots have absorbed enough water.

Additionally humidify air is not necessary. The sprayer can be used only for cleaning dust from the sheets.

For room temperature plant is not sensitive, it feels good from 15 to 25 degrees, and for some kinds of comfort is even lower than 15 degrees.

For the more active development of aloe can be fed once a month fertilizer for succulents. In the period of rest in the fertilizer is not needed.

When transplanting should be in advance to worry about drainage, so that moisture does not stagnate and rot the roots did not start. Pots fit small, but deep, because the root system is well developed. Young plants should be transplanted every year, and adults – once for three years.

It is important that the soil under the aloe breathing: well lets water and air. To do this, the ground need to add coarse sand, or buy ready-made soil for succulents.

At home, aloe can be propagated using cuttings broken off. They should be dry and place into the prepared soil, watering only planted cuttings do not need. In the indoor environment aloe practically blooms, so using the seeds to grow unless it is impossible to store.

All kinds of aloe are resistant to pests and diseases. It is only necessary to watch, that is not bred scale insects, and if this happens, you should immediately use a soap solution.

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