The plant crassula (money tree) at home

Beautiful houseplant money tree, photos, description

Beautiful houseplant money tree, photos, description

The people of this plant got the name “money tree”, the scientific name – crassula or krusula. Belongs to the genus crassula, family Crassulaceae. Like all succulent has a lot of species (close to 300), they all have different shapes and sizes. Among the most exotic Jade found that almost travel along the ground, live on the water or create a whole tree shrubs.

Thanks to its undemanding crassula in the living environment found almost everywhere. She was not afraid of any arid climate or viscous swamp with its high humidity. All kinds of plants combines location for the leaves: they create pairs of fleshy and thick leaves. Color, shape and size depends upon a particular type. Because of its appearance and easy care crassula became common man in the street of town houses and apartments. Evergreen almost never bloom at home, thanks to the beautiful crassula interesting form of leaves. It is very easy to enter into the interior of the house, if you choose this type of plant that complements the room.

The plant which is usually wind up in a home or give to someone to have always had money, actually called oval crassula (Crassula Ovata). In their homeland, South-West Africa, it can reach quite impressive size – up to 3 m.

At home, to reach this size is unrealistic, but it is possible that under good conditions “money tree” will be up to 1.5 m in height with broad stem. Crassula leaves oval brilliant, rich green color, round shape. At home, the flowers are very rare, but beautiful. White milk or flowers adorn the whole bush.

The plant can be easily, so it is one of the best to create a small landscape. With the help of other colors, you can create an entire composition, which will decorate the house in the area. And as crassula grows slowly, it can grow for a long time, together with other colors, not struggling out of the picture.

Combine crassula oval with a variety of cacti species or with other members of the species. For example, a tree crassula (Crassula Arborescens), whose leaves have a blue tint.

Crassula, care at home

How to care for the money tree in the home, the indoor environment. Tips, care, description

How to care for the money tree in the home, the indoor environment. Tips, care, description

Crassula although not very fussy, but still need to adhere to the important rules. They are quite simple in execution, but your crassula will grow and pleasing to the eye.

Jade feels best in a sunny spot, so try to pick a room to accommodate the most clarified, the windows of which will go to the south or east side. If the sunlight is insufficient, the branches will be drawn and will weaken, and the leaves can and does fly. For plants are very useful fresh air, so if it is possible, it is best to make the courtyard or on the balcony. Many species of crassula very good growth on the balcony, dropping their green branches down.

Jade can not be supercooled, the minimum temperature in winter must not fall below 10 degrees, no more than 28. Humidity in the summer when it can be any, without additional humidification.

Crassula – dead plant, so do not need abundant watering. In the summer should be watered as the drying of the earth, but in the winter need to give the rest of the plant, so it is much less likely to carry out irrigation. It is better to once again not to water than ever to fill crassula. The plant can be left unattended for 3 weeks and it’s easy to transfer your absence.

The soil for crassula can cook yourself or buy a ready-made. If you decide to cook for yourself, you need turf ground, sand and charcoal piece. It is necessary to knead the mixture of equal parts of sand and earth, adding a bit of coal. If you buy in the store, you can choose a ready soil for succulents. Another very important thing that is in the pot. To all the excess moisture is not retained in the soil and did not develop the disease, you need to take care of good drainage.

To crassula grew well sometimes need to make fertilizer. In the summer it will be enough to water the fertilizer once a month, but for the entire winter can be only once to process a weak solution. Do not forget that the winter need to give some rest to the plant, including on the dressing.

Crassula grows slowly, so it can for a long time have called in one pot. The root system can be closely only sometime after 2 years of growth. Then you need to transplant the plant to another pot. It is best to carry out a transplant during the warmer months, such as the spring. It is necessary to choose a pot to the flower was comfortable and it does not pass from one side to the other. And this can happen often, and all because of the weak roots and large branches.

If you want to quickly multiply crassula, it is necessary to additionally humidify the air, then quickly rise to additional roots. You can also propagate via seeds, leaf or stem cuttings. These cuttings are cut, treated with activated charcoal and planted in soil with a special bowl.

The main threat for Jade is excessive humidity. It is because of it there are fungal diseases which is difficult to treat. It can also be got Jose scale, it is important to destroy it from the beginning by using the “aktellik”.

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