Ayrshire breed cows

Cows ayrshire breed, photo, characteristics and description

Cows ayrshire breed, photo, characteristics and description

The best views of cows to supply milk breed is ayrshire cow. Milk quality is excellent. We got kind of a cow as a result of the mating of several breeds. Scientists have identified, it happened in 1862. The breed prefers not to be in hot climates, it can not tolerate them.

Also, this species is not costly to produce one liter of milk with a fat content of more than 4% of food goes to just 900 grams, if the fat content of milk is lower, the feed should be 780-800 grams.

Dilute these types more in the northern regions, with a cool climate. This is often the regions of Russia. Most are in Finland and North America.

The mass is not greater than 450 to 500 kilograms. On average, 12 months cow produces about 5 000 thousand liters of milk. It matures quickly that promotes early fertilization and good offspring.

To fight bulls grow the same species, they can weigh about 400 kg, but sometimes reach 800 kg. But all the same form is used for milk production. Cows per se is not high and dry.

For cleanly ayrshire breed, use only purebred bulls, respectively.

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