The fence for the garden

List of types of fences and barriers for the cottages, garden tools, garden plot and in general - a fence for the house

The most interesting from experienced gardeners!

Without a doubt, the first thing do you prefer to head after purchasing your own garden plot – it’s a little to make a fence or enclosure from prying eyes.

So, a few years ago, out of the city it was not as diverse as it is now. Here is disclosed a list of various barriers, which are suitable for any purpose. Here, instead of a simple entry or entry you can set the automatic opening system and closing.

Since last century, probably the only one that has not lost its popularity in the fence – this is the material. As before, the most popular are considered fences made of wood, a simple metal mesh and corrugated board. These materials make it possible to easily combine, for example – with natural stones.

Fences home – a metal mesh-netting

Metal mesh-netting for fencing sectionSimple, perfect fence for the site – the metal mesh. As a rule, the grid – this is the best option for the fence backyard and garden plot. The first visible fence minus is that other people’s eyes can see all the things that you really want to hide. Therefore, gardeners or gardeners use to complement all sorts of shrubs or vines, and believe me, almost always helps. Metal mesh-netting – is a steel mesh, which, after fixing all paint the corrosion. The case stores you can find a special stainless-mesh netting. The dimensions you need to pick up only for themselves.

A fence of corrugated board to testify

A fence of corrugated board for the siteAnother interesting type of fenced cottage or garden plots – a fence made of corrugated board. Such a fence looks like roofing material, completely covered with zinc sheets of steel. In most cases the fence will not need further care, as it is already fully made of stainless steel, which means – no additional costs to the paint, and the fence will serve your needs relatively long time. Secure steel sheets is best for pipes of metal or wood.

Fences and fences made of wood

Wooden fence for the siteThe most popular, and also environmental enclosure is a wooden fence. Wood will always be able to fit into the overall design, especially if you have a cottage or a plot near a forest. Fence from a tree has a rather solid structure, however, it is too soon exposed to various destructive factors, and this fact makes the owners often keep, care for such a fence. Before installation, it is best to handle the board impregnations and varnishes, this will allow to keep longer beautiful appearance and excellent condition of the tree.

Forged fencing for the site

Forged fence for the garden

More on the list can make a wrought-iron fence. This kind of fences are not available to all residents of our country. In the manufacture of the master must allocate a lot of time and effort. After the installation of the fence, it is recommended to immediately process the anti-corrosion coating. In the worst case, your dear wrought fence will lose all interest and beauty. Set the fence only on a solid foundation, since the weight of the fence is much more than a piece of steel.

And so, we have familiarized with the used most fences in Ukraine and Russia. The most basic thing that you should always keep in mind – this is a concept for what purpose should serve as a guard.

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