Protecting the site from the wind – wind protection grid for the garden

site protection from the wind in the country, how to protect the garden from the gusty winds

site protection from the wind in the country, how to protect the garden from the gusty winds

Strong wind, freely walking around the garden, can harm the growing plants in it. His impulses break tree branches, accelerate moisture evaporation from plant tissues and soils. Wind can not withstand the plants with thin and weak shoots, tender leaves and shallow roots.

Special risk are cucumber beds with their whips raised on trellises. On the wind can break all the plants to the base of the open countryside. Therefore it is very important to protect them by installing wind protection – homemade windshield construction.

I know that some growers find salvation from the wind by constructing walls of linoleum, plastic film and other materials windproof.

I am not a supporter of such methods. And that’s why. In my view, solid walls really do not give protection against the wind, as they do not weaken his rush, and only change their direction. Generators of vortices are dangerous even for resistant plants. Perfect windshield structure must be breathable. It reduces the speed of the wind and does not form vortices while not depriving plants of vital oxygen.

That windscreen structure on my site is two meters honeycomb board, shot down from the shingle slats and fixed to the prevailing wind direction. It is, in fact, has two functions: to protect vegetables, including cucumber beds from the wind and is a trellis for growing varieties of tomatoes De Barao. Tall plants are planted on both sides of the lattice. With them very convenient to handle during the growing season, it is only necessary to pass from the shoots growing up through the cell.

From July until the end of September all this construction simply strewn with green, red, pink, yellow and dark cherry fruit tassels. Barao de – sort of indeterminate differs stretched fruiting period, cold resistance and shade tolerance. He successfully entered into the garden design with its exceptionally neat and beautiful fruits.

Tips experienced gardeners: In the garden are equally harmful as frequent strong winds and constant calm. The prolonged absence of wind contributes to the rapid spread of pests and diseases. Good protection from the wind can become hedges and even planting of tall crops – such as maize.

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