Veranda garden shed

Garden houses with a veranda, a photo. Beautiful porch extension to the garden house project

Garden houses with a veranda, a photo. Beautiful porch extension to the garden house project

When the veranda was attached already to the garden house, all the questions of the topic evaporate. However, if you found this article, you are still interested in an extension to the house porch.

In most cases the veranda are planning to do with the tree, or use the material is the same as the house (usually – brick). Sadovaya wooden veranda starting to do at the right planning, framing scheme.

Projects garden houses with terrace includes the following items:

  • vertical uprights;
  • trim which includes a horizontal or vertical;
  • the right pane of the filling;
  • trim (lower and upper);
  • layout rafter roof.

Be sure to use a 100×100 board, 80×120 mm to create posts and strapping. If there is no timber, perfectly suited for the replacement of the beam diameter of 100-120 mm. Skinning of walls in the garden porch needs to be done on the outside, and usually without the use of a heater.

Decking (or, as it is called – wall paneling) make it possible not to leave gaps in the walls. For this purpose, may be used flat or corrugated asbestos cement sheets.

Location waves – vertical. Also, the walls are very fast and can sheathe siding. In this case you will have less expenses on time.

Window sashes, almost always have small joints between them and the skin (both internal and external walls). These joints are conveniently plugging frames. Also, I want to draw your attention to that before the start of mounting skin, recommended in the upper part of the foundation pillars put a drain board with correct about 130-150 mm.

To learn how to properly do pier foundation, you can read on our website. The floor in the garden veranda better to do from boards without using a heater.

You need to remember that the heaving soils do not allow tightly connect the veranda with your garden house. The gap between the two, quite different houses should be not more than 30 mm. This gap in the future, after the skin, closes the ordinary board (panel strip).

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