How to build a wooden toilet in the country with their own hands

Placing toilet in the garden area, the construction of toilets at their summer cottage, build a wooden toilet area

Accomodation in the garden area, the construction of toilets at their summer cottage, build a wooden outdoor toilet in the garden on the site of the house

Problems of suburban toilets are known to all:

  1. The smell;
  2. Sanitation;
  3. Physiological inconvenience.

In practice, all this is easily avoided.
Now I’ll show you how to build a wooden cottage toilet, to give, with their own hands, step by step.

Pre digs a hole with a diameter of about a meter. It is important to sustain the same diameter throughout the depth of the hole to avoid the shedding of the soil in the future. The depth of the pit – 1.5-2 meters. More closely welded standard toilet stall of four shields, consisting of planed boards (size selected individually).

No frames – in order to facilitate construction. Struts are not needed. Three shield to knock together with the front hinged door with window. Top – flat roof. Cladding – anytime.

For decoration nailed impregnation (mahogany color). Inside toilet Studded sheets of MDF and painted white alkyd enamel. Toilet seat is knitted together from bars – oval octagon, imitating the shape of the toilet bowl. Studded Chalice toilet outside aluminum, inside – sheets of plastic bottles (suitable cellular poly carbonate or any rot-material) and painted the same color. Then hung shelf – someone as comfortable.

When the toilet is ready, it is placed on the two logs, and those on the rolls – a small timber the size of a piece of wood. Pre-soak the logs need to sulfate solution in order to avoid further decay. All the assembled structure is rolled on the prepared hole, observing the alignment of the holes and pits.

WC is ready for use. The family of five holes is enough for 3-4 years. For the aeration and odor control is used sawdust, better pine. Bucket with him is always in the toilet (can do an imitation of the toilet tank). As the filling of the pit, the toilet is easy to move to a new location with a new pit one person using the scrap for 15 minutes.

Thus, no need to shovel anything and endure the smell is completely absent, and numb feet.

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