Building a house with his hands well

Building a well in the country with their own hands, how to build a well, how to dig a well with their own hands, to dig a well on their own
What receiving station, summer visitor is trying to do in the first place? Of course, put a fence from intruders, build a small temporary barracks, and then – to dig a well. Companies that promise excellent pure spring water, charge for services such amounts that it is easier to do well with their own hands.

Where to start landscaping your site? In the first place to start looking for the best place for the future construction of the well.

When the place is planned, I looked at the existing wells and the neighbors decided to do their own on the basis of growing molds. Initially, the chosen place prepared pit depth of 1m and 2m in diameter, lined the bottom of the level of installation for further forms and pouring the first concrete ring.

The mold consists of two external half rings and the two interior. The thickness of the metal 3mm, the top and bottom of each half-ring for rigidity welded fittings with a diameter of 10mm, and the ends of each half-ring is welded corner 50mm, the corners are drilled two holes with a diameter of 10 mm for bolting. Height 0.5m shape, the diameter of the inner ring 90 cm, external – 1 m, it turns out, the thickness of the filling of the finished rings 10cm.

After three days, the solution was solidified, and proceed to the loosening of bolts shape. First, unscrew the inner ring, and then outside. In the same sequence set back to 40cm above the finished, and we press, keeping the level of the well to obtain a strictly vertical.

Valves with the first ring should act (10-20 cm) for docking rings and between the rings on one side exposed U-shaped bracket for ladder. After each ring is selected from within the soil outside the well and lowered by its own weight. In this way, a monolithic tube of the desired diameter and desired depth.

Well a built in safe construction. It is easy to clean and relatively inexpensive.

Note! Dig the well should be at least two people: one person working in the pit, the other upstairs. The ideal period for Central strip – October: then the lowest possible level of groundwater.

Build a well with their hands in the country, at home on the site, as it is easier to build by hand, do yourself to dig a well, from which it can do well.

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