How to build an oven with his own hands, all you need to know

boiler cooking stove with their hands, how to build an oven on to testify, how to build an oven made of brick, with their homemade oven arms

boiler cooking stove with their hands, how to build an oven on to testify, how to build an oven made of brick, with their homemade oven arms

Vacationers – jack of all trades. Not only can grow a garden or a big harvest from the garden to collect, but also to build a house! And so it was warm and cozy, vacationers at the time of re-classified in the stove-makers.

Prior to the construction of the stove you need to get rid of all the cracks in the walls, so as not to heat the street. Well then it’s time to build the oven.

The stove, which I offer you, made of iron of 5-6 mm and a length of 70 cm, a height and a width of 50 cm. The height of the legs is selected for your height, make it easier to prepare. On the floor under the stove must be put (for secure) asbestos sheet on it – a sheet of iron. The size of the stove can match the width and length – 40-50 cm more than the length of the oven, never to embers falling on the wooden floor.

The stove is made without basement (which is cheaper). The door with the screw (eg sold) that would not open. Pipe diameter cast iron pipe of 160 mm, thick-walled (as it is thicker than the sewer). Dampers available. Stove can impose a brick (solid or perforated).

Melt your oven with the door open. When the wood combustion, close the door tightly screw. In this way, never eel. At the top of the ceiling cut a hole 30×30 cm. The tube is wrapped kaolin wool 4-5 cm thick and 20 cm wide. In order to not slipped wool, wrapped her iron strip and rolled wire. The bottom edge of the strip bent to wool not showered. The hole in the ceiling, which is inserted in the pipe closed gypsum plates that sawed in half and cut a hole, detaching the pipe. On the upper side of the ceiling around the pipe, box made of asbestos-cement slabs 40×40 cm and covered it with slag.

This stove heats the house of 34 square meters. m. At a height of 2.25 m. The house has 5 windows size 1h1,2 m with double glazing. Exposure to the east, south, west. There is one single door, insulated with wool. House – “zasypuha”, ie It is made of boards. The wall thickness of 40 cm. Between the boards laid roofing and covered with sawdust. In this house we live in winter and summer for over 10 years, spending 7-8 cubic meters of birch wood. Thus winter drown twice a day, and in the forty-degree frost – three times.

There is an expression – dance on the stove. Do builders, this means that it is necessary to put the oven so that the tube is not rested against the joists in the ceiling and rafters on the roof. Think, maybe you fit this stove.

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