How to make a beautiful and comfortable holiday home

To build a house on a country site, houses a project for a small portion

Build a house on summer cottage, houses project for a small portion

The holiday house must be not only a fortress. Every owner wants to make it even and comfortable and beautiful.

When received a suburban area and there was a question about the construction of the house, we decided the house should be beautiful. And then we do not try to change this principle.

The house is not one of those luxury villas, which are now building a professional team, and a small, 6×5 m, but built with his own hands for his own project.

First of all, you need to choose a roof, the roof – two-thirds of architecture. And immediately abandoned the traditional for the majority of Soviet dacha “sloping” roof.

We chose high (Gothic) roof with “wings”, inscribed in her high glass portico and balcony-loggia in the entire width of the gable. The gables under the roof – round windows. As a result, the roof gave, in my opinion, very beautiful architecture. The house looks like a cozy Mansion, which pleasantly pleasing to the eye.

High roof allowed to make 2-storey attic one storey spacious – the whole area of ​​the house, and the second – a small attic, but a full-length with a cute round windows. With modest size house turned functional. Living area of ​​about 100 sq.m. The house is actually 4 floors: ground basement, the main (first floor), spacious attic (second floor), and above it – the attic.

Good and very convenient addition to the house – a small (2×2.5 m), covered veranda and spacious outdoor terrace. On the first floor there are 2 rooms, separated by stoves (three of them !!!), and throughout the house – four. Attic – one large room. If necessary, can accommodate many guests, which is particularly important in bad weather. The ground floor is connected to a second internal staircase. Attic partially equipped with shelves – turned out great pantry. The ground floor and basement made the whole area of ​​the house. Here are the cellar, workshop, sauna with a steam room, a shower and a waiting room. Waiting room in the summer – a great dining. It is cool in any heat and is very light, as in the base 3 windows with tracery bars.

The house is always warm and light

The roof protects the house wall from the rain and from the scorching summer sun. The side “wings” and a speaker at 1 meter balcony on the south side of the house to protect three walls from rain. “Wings” from the east and the west, the sun is passed into the house in the morning and in the evening when you do not bake, and happy. At noon they overhanging balcony not let the hot sun into the room, and significantly reduce the heating of the walls. As a result, in hot weather in our house much cooler than in other houses. In addition, it equipped with nearly a natural air conditioner, the feeding cool air into the room from the socket.

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