Where to find a good home builder

Choosing a good contractor for renovation and construction of the house

Choosing a good contractor for renovation and construction of the house

And so, after the end of the search and purchase of land under the house, starting next difficult path, which will be directly responsible for the quality of your home. As you understand – we raise the issue of the company or the team search for the construction of your own home.

To find a builder to build a house, you can use the following three tips:

  • The first – a contract with the construction company. Before that, of course, you have to select a list of the most adequate and high-quality construction companies with a license to provide services for the construction site, and give a guarantee on their services.
  • Second – shabashniks use the services operated by the superintendent. It should be noted – the item cheaper than the first, however, they can not give a guarantee as a guarantee of the construction company with the license.
  • The third – to use his own knowledge and the time to build a house with his own hands, completely independently.

You must firmly understand building your own home is not as easy as it seems. Recommendation «GeoMedia» project – to draw their attention to a specialized construction company. The advantage of system-company is to carry out the work strictly according to the laws of Ukraine or Russia, the construction company will be fully and accurately comply with building regulations, in the worst case, you have a contract, warranty, and can be accessed easily with complaints.

When choosing a company-commissioned first read the reviews of her clients look and evaluate the portfolio of previous work, if possible, visit one or two of the project and make your choice. Signing the contract of construction, carefully review it to make sure that the contractor will be able to do the job from start to finish – “to build a house from the foundation to the roof” on time, without delays, surcharges and other problems. You can sign the condition with the contractor, who acts in the person of General or subcontractor. Basically, the general contractor will be able to easily hire to perform your project to other sub-contractors. However, it is understood that the responsibility and be accountable only to the general contractor will be in front of you. Also, look at the item guarantees the contractor must strictly here to describe the warranty service, usually for work warranty is 1-3 years, and the materials that are purchasing or you or the contractor – from 10 to 50 years.

And now look at the latest version of the list – shabashniki. Of course, their prices are much cheaper than the firm, sometimes even 2 times cheaper. Unfortunately, to sign a treaty can not be a foreman, only orally, which means – in the worst case, any complaints will not be able to show you, because of wrong, long-term work.

We ask you to approach the issue of choice system, company or contractor is correct, or to correct problems after the construction will be too late and expensive.

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