How to choose the site for the home

And so, select the site for construction of houses. You decide to move closer to the apartments, but the first difficulty that will face a host of future home – the choice of the site for construction. It is necessary to approach this question correctly, this is where you need to put down roots, and for many years.

How to choose the right plot for the house, the basic tips:

  • The first thing to consider when choosing a site – whether it is suitable for your building plan? There is lot to answer all your queries and comfortable settings, the further arrangement.
  • Learn all territorial and technical characteristics of the site. Ask neighbors groundwater levels and other nuances. Locals definitely help you decide. Get a soil analysis.
  • Calculate the adequacy of the value of land. Find out the value of the neighboring areas and on the basis of the total price – learn the cost of one hundred square meters of land.

Site selection for construction of the house:

  • Explore the ecological situation in the area, the presence of factories, landfills, and other items that pollute the ground and groundwater;
  • The presence in the vicinity of the telephone and electricity cables, water supply, gas pipeline will facilitate your future plans;
  • See location map for the next section;
  • The remoteness from residential houses, shops, schools, etc .;
  • Match the size of the site to the size specified in the data sheet.

In addition, the important role played by the construction of the house plot form. Try to choose areas of regular shape, so he went completely under your building plan.

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