Kabarda horse

Photos, description Kabarda horse breed, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Kabarda horse breed, characteristic for home breeding

The North Caucasus was originally famous for extraordinary landscapes, amazing and even magical properties of water that flows in the sources, spacious valleys of the Alps. Those inhabitants that were in the area, inhabited periodically all the land, because in these areas there were many opportunities, such as livestock. Divorce and sheep, and horses, and other livestock. Numerous groups wintered in the valleys that are in front of the mountain heights, and summers pets drove to the high ridges, plateaus slopes and dense covering all pastures.

No matter what type of animal used, it has always been necessary hardy, powerful animal that might be impractical in most areas and under extreme conditions. Animals had to move in the most difficult areas of the mountain hills. When choosing a pet pay attention not only to how he may behave in the household, in the distillation and pasture, but also of the fact whether it is possible to use them in their daily work. No pets in the area of ​​residence, were simply impossible ordinary processes such as transportation of various cargoes, as often there is an attempt of theft, so the next should be energetic, fast, and full of horse power, with which the rider can return to their possessions.

In these areas are often marked by internecine warfare, small and large conflicts, it’s not a secret that such situations are common to most Caucasian people. Previously, without horses, or simply decide to avoid all sorts of quarrels was impossible, so horses were considered the most important means of subsistence. Presented breed Kabardian horse appeared during such difficult life situations and extreme survival conditions that influenced their formation. The results were derived hardy, strong and distinctive horse that perfectly correspond to the North Caucasus.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the species represented. So, have pets: a medium-sized head part, the region faces several elongated; head in profile often arched, also found a horse with a straight nose; ears long enough, erect, also on the ears, one noticeable feature of special animals – small cuts; The neck is fairly long, straight, a bit corresponds to a deer, because has a low yield, little noticeable Adam’s apple; withers are not very high, and has an elongated shape. The dorsal region of the back and elastic at the same time dense, there are moreover completely saggy back, waist and she quite weakened. Some cereal and hangs slightly rounded. Thorax convex and deep, ribs elongated, narrowed. Front legs straight and well put, but comes Kozinets (as an exception). The hind limbs have a saber and a little bit closer together near the hock. Legs raised, dry, clearly expressed tendon. Hooves straight and hard, have the correct form. Build a massive, strong and compact. Externally visible colors of the coat bay shades but they are born with pets saturated black, orange and light gray color.

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