Karabair horse

Photos, description Karabair horse breed, characteristics, breeding

Photos, description Karabair horse breed, characteristics, breeding

In European countries, territories Karabair breed horses virtually unknown. In fact, representatives of this species is very unusual. The most popular pets are in the Central Asian regions. Previously, in the days of Kievan Rus, the animals were called Bukhara horses.

Consider some of the exterior characteristics of the breed. Horses have a not very solid, but at the same time the head of the relief area, which looks more neat and active ears. The neck is elongated, which is clearly expressed in the neck, and on the reverse side – a medium-sized, not much volume mane. Part of the withers rather high, then she slowly becomes rather short dorsal region. In addition, frequent representatives Karabair horses that have well developed hocks and back a little hunchback. Such features were transferred from pets Kyrgyz species. The lumbar region is strong, and a large rump slightly droops, the tail portion is put on significantly higher level. The rib cage is large and convex. The limbs are placed at a greater distance between them, his feet with a pronounced relief, good tendon occur. Shoulders slightly skewed on the forearm often elongated. Hooves are medium in size, grandmother and beveled brushes practically not developed. The abdominal area is not hanging well tightened. Representatives karabairov there are some disadvantages that appear in the saber, and they have a supply of the legs, more like a cow.

The average height at the withers reserves from 140 cm to 160 cm, and elevation data of mares and stallions different. Thus, the representatives of the male growth of about 150cm, while the representatives of the female, in turn, is 145 cm. Externally visible different colors of wool cover. Pets are parts of the whole bay shades, besides them there are various gray color schemes, most animals possess exclusive red hair.

Total practical breeding, representatives of the different varieties of unusual and beautiful shapes of the body, they are incredibly calm nature and the animals are happy to fulfill all the requests of the owners. In addition, horses are hardy enough, and always active. With powerful hooves and wide step, Karabair animals perform excellent transport operation.

Introduced a variety refers to the ancient, so at the moment the horses there are not a lot. Ever since the plant was only one of the 20th century, which displays most of these representatives of the breed. It uses only the best of the uterus, and she kind of is constantly improved. In the works of the plant number 76, to work with the horses used way to finish reproductive breeding, as they say “in itself”, and later started development, which have joined together mares Karabair origin and purebred English male representatives. Explained are crossing so that the rock itself has not sufficiently relief the body, therefore, crossing two different breeds, in the end we got a new generation has improved the breed of horses.

One of their fans already Breeding of our modern time, on the eve of the 21st century, he wrote that Karabair variety has significant according to the Turcoman pets, which is not strange. The main foundation of breeding are found Turcoman representatives. From their own distant ancestors of true animals took massive and muscular constitution. The ancient inhabitants of China represented the breed called “ta-Viennese” or “getskogo”. This title has appeared in connection with the area of ​​origin “is the van.” It was there, according to the multitude of legends, perebyvali nomads in the interval of the 2nd century BC. During the entire existence, very loved pet. Horses are good under saddle and in harness. But, most importantly, the animals have excellent character and are willing to surrender to serve owners.

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