Wielkopolska horse

Photos, description lashadey breed Greater, gelding characteristics for breeding

Photos, description lashadey breed Greater, gelding characteristics for breeding

Representatives of the Wielkopolska breed horses for the first time found on the territory of Poland, where they were originally derived. After reading the title, the fact that the species was created in Poland, it becomes immediately clear. In order to produce a such wonderful pets, scientists involved once more than three different types of horses: Arabian thoroughbred, thoroughbred horse, trakengenskaya and other crossbreeds of German origin. The long period of breeding using breeding methods and reproductive crossing, gave excellent outcomes. In the second half of the 20th century (around 1964) I was born into the light the first representative of a new generation of saddle horses. The fundamental varieties were Mazury and Poznan, by which in the end produced Wielkopolska pets.

Pets quite strong, have high endurance, well-behaved in sports and sports team.

Presented Wielkopolska breed horses is a versatile breed, whose members fully deserved its own name one of the best warm-blooded animal origin. While pets that have a high capacity for execution of various commands and sufficient in practical use, their popularity level is not very high. The thing is, that they are very little known and there is no advertising on the existence of the breed. Wielkopolska gelding is described as the owner of a remarkable character, he is strong and brave. For species characterized by beautiful movement, it is well expressed relief body. The representatives of this species has the presence of the blood of English thoroughbred horses. The success of the Wielkopolska pupils is particularly high in the horse kinds of sports entertainment. Also, when various exhibitions and competitions, animals perform successfully and often become winners.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the Wielkopolska horses. So, pupils have a strong and muscular torso; medium-sized warhead; wide frontal area; big eyes, and look very expressive; convex hull is enough; high withers; the dorsal part of the stretched, but meets and tightened; limbs quite strong and relief.

Among the withers average sizes of pets begin to fluctuate from 160 cm to 170 cm. Pets are completely different colorings. Head inherent smooth profile, expressive eyes and look very carefully. The neck is elongated. The long neck and a big enough head inherited pupils from Arab and English horses. Skewed shoulder area, thorax large, compact body. Croup is quite massive and strong, and her legs are long and dry. The product features of exterior type are modern and exactly describe the pets at the moment. Since the breed is rarely carried out various selection processes or reproductive mating, the appearance of the animal has not changed since the beginning of occurrence.

There are two different types of rock dilution. There are heavy and light line breeding. Heavy used in situations where the Greater horses in the future will be grown for rides, or used under the saddle. Presented easy breeding line is popular when the horse will continue to be grown for a variety of types of sports entertainment and exhibited at the exhibition action.

General characteristics of the most important parts of the Wielkopolska horse looks are described as follows:

  1. The average height of the withers among waver in the range of 160 cm to 170 cm;
  2. The average weight becomes from 470 kg to 560 kg;
  3. The colors of the coat can be varied. Especially prevalent red, bay, and various shades of gray exterior color.

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