Bosnian mountain horse breed description

Characteristics and breeding of the Bosnian mountain horse, the description and photo

Characteristics and breeding of the Bosnian mountain horse, the description and photo

This undersized horse that lives throughout the Balkan territory. Locals use these ponies to help agriculture. Bosnian pony – is the most common breed of horses in these areas.

To trace the origin of the Bosnian pony is not too difficult. All roots lead to two, unfortunately already extinct species – Przewalski’s horse and the Tarpan. Parents Bosnian mountain pony are hutsuly and Balkan local horse breed.

Many centuries ago, the breed lost a bit of its quality, it happened during the prosperity of the Ottoman Empire. In the occupied territories the Turks began to actively romp oriental breeds of horses that led to the mixing of blood and reduce the quality of Bosnian pony.

Adult Bosnian pony in the medium reaches 1.3 – 1.4 meters at the shoulder. Coat color monochrome different colors and shades .. construction east type of body is not very beautiful. The head is large, small ears, pointed at the ends; Neck short, thick, straight back, large breasts.

Bosnian Pony is universal, it can be used in virtually any industry. Local residents often use these horses for agricultural robot as draft horses. Other animals are loaded and sent to the valuable cargo through impassable areas where machinery can not cope with the task. Pony gently and quickly run any mountainous obstacles. Calm, affectionate nature makes it easy to chat with tourists and children. Especially Bosnian pony loves children because it is easy to ride and walk through the park.

All the advantages of the breed balkantsev have long appreciated and created special for the protection and improvement of the breed program. The most responsible and major tasks for improving the breed takes Borikkiysky plant, which is located in Bosnia. This comes only the best stallions and mares are selected healthy. From the best representatives of the breed founded several lines.

Stallions were selected only the best quality, to improve the performance of the Bosnian pony. But not all attempts to do this were crowned with success. For example, the idea to cross the Arabian horse and the Bosnian has failed. In the race for the beautiful appearance of Arab blood badly affected the overall Bosnian pony. Limbs weak, the horse lost its speed and endurance, and in agriculture and at all weakened.

When blending with Arabian horses and other breeds have not brought positive results, experts have begun to engage in the selection of the best individuals that would povisel health and productivity. Only selected stallions, who are able to show their strength and endurance in all conditions. in such a way to promote the growth and weight of the animals, the breed was revived.

New quality of Bosnian mountain pony povisel their performance in agriculture. Horses could carry quite a heavy burden on the most dangerous and impassable mountain paths. Improved and the construction of the body, ponies become stronger and larger. Hold in the saddle pony Bosnian quickly and easily, so children love to ride these horses.

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