Iomudskaya horse breed description

Photos, description Iomudskaya horse breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Iomudskaya horse breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Representatives iomudskoy breed horses belong to the meso-dolihomorfnomu type. The original place where pupils were withdrawn, Turkmenistan is considered, but at the moment the most common animals in the territories of the Russian Federation and other countries that were previously republics of the USSR.

The main use of horses is to work under saddle. Total dilution represented breed, owners describe their own pets as a brave, courageous, patient specimens. In addition, pets can easily perform a variety of tasks, which manifested their endurance. If we are talking about how horses live together with people, based on the fact that the owners of the animals calm disposition, listen carefully and follow all the owners behave with dignity in different situations, evidence of their ability to domestication. In Turkmenistan, that is the homeland of the variety, believe a horse is another line in the ranking of the horses bred there.

History iomudskih horses close to the Akhal-Teke breed, but unlike other horse line was breeding horses herds, and the selection was not so carefully and strictly. The results of runs representatives iomudskoy breed each time encouraging more and more, which is why pets are actively engaged in the ranks of the participants today’s horse races. The competition runs fully comply with the skills that are inherent in the Akhal-Teke from birth. When it comes to further research with the addition of selection methods, the scientists should be sure to take into account the historical adaptation of animals. Due to the fact that the representatives of the Akhal-Teke species evolved, and the breed is constantly subjected to artificial selection, in addition to a high level of endurance in horses also developed the ability to rapidly roll on rather short distances, as well as the animals may after a day of heavy robots, relax quite a bit and then perform the necessary tasks. When assessing the quality and performance of the robot speed altehinskie always evaluated excellent. Several centuries ago, competitions were held only a short distance (about 200 meters to 1000 meters), horse racing took place for two, and the winner, despite all the spent force, could continue to compete after a half-hour break, continued action from three to four times a day . Even in our modern equestrian yielded many changes, so a certain system is created, which is called “standard”. This system took on all the world’s racetracks. Traditional distances ranging from 1000 meters to 3200 meters, and continues until the first winner of the competition, after the horses did not have to fight again in the same day. The duration of the competition several times a day is considered to be inadmissible, because the animals need rest.

Let us consider in more detail the characteristics of exterior pets Yomud breed. Thus, the inherent animal: light and compact warhead; profile parts of the whole flat; ears long enough and pointed at the tips; eyes wide-open, expressive face and piercing eyes; NPPOs spacious. Also, horses and elegant elongated neck portion that goes into a neat line of the dorsal region of beautiful forms, she also placed back under the harmonious angle in relation to the body. Withers serving several pets, well developed; back smoothly into the straight and long loin; larger grains slightly beveled. The abdominal area is deep and arched, and she abdomen retracted. Limbs quite long, noticeable relief and manifests a strong bone structure of the system on legs. Forearm dry and muscular, refined pastern, rather short, placed vertically. Correctly set hocks with the correct angle of flexion; tendon and some dry sticks. Legs nicely formed hooves hard and tough, so do not need the extra horseshoes. The skin is not rough, and the wool cover is smooth and silky. The mane and tail area average fluffy. There are following suit woolen cover pets: gray, bay, bright red color, but always with the inherent metal shade.

The average horse at the withers with growth from 145 cm to 155 cm.

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