Norman Cob breed description horses

Photos, description Norman Cob horse breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Norman Cob horse breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Representatives Norman Cob horse breeds were originally bred in the territory of France, last year, but, as before, the horses are bred only within the limits of their homeland. Pets are meso-brachymorphic type.

In other countries or continents, this breed is actually unknown. pets Breeding at most involved in the area of ​​the English Channel. This type refers to the horses, has an ancient origin. Due to the fact that Norman kobs powerful structure of the body, animals easily adapted to the middle carriage, so are ideal for various rural chores. Owners describe their pets as holders of calm disposition, horses always obey their own masters, perform any task with vigor and endurance. In addition, Norman kobs used for driving under the saddle.

Let us consider in more detail exterior characteristics represented species. So, pupils have the following colorings woolen cover: red, bay, dark bay color, less common pets with roan or gray suit. The average pet has at the withers rising from 160 cm to 170 cm Head of the medium size (sometimes more massive).; Ganache quite heavy; horse in profile straight or slightly flattened; the eyes are large, expressive, wide and constantly moving; small ears, very sensitive. Neck Animal short, beautifully curved closer to the shoulder region is expanding; they themselves raised shoulders and bulging. Withers is high enough, well developed, stretching for the neck merges imperceptibly. waist line and the back flat and rather short; lumbar area is massive, powerful; cereals closer to the tail is reduced, and the tail is placed high enough. Thorax convex and deep; abdominal part of the flat, drawn-and strong; rounded edges. Limbs horses short, relief, bones are big and strong. Hocks have a right angle bend, arranged harmoniously. Tendons dry, but massive and heavy. The hooves are not very large, covered with a horny layer, elastic and often do not require additional horseshoes. It is rare to meet representatives from the crown of the hair above the hooves.

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