Pony breed Mingo (Garray)

Description and photo pony breed Mingo (Garray) and breeding characteristics

Description and photo pony breed Mingo (Garray) and breeding characteristics

The name of the breed of the same name with the area Mingo habitats that remain in Portugal. In neighboring Spain, is home to a brother by blood – pony breed Soraya, who live between two rivers – Sor and Raya. It combines these two breeds common ancestor, which produced a number of high-quality lines. The only difference belonging to different lines of a common ancestor. At the present stage Soraya different t Mingo purer blood, while Mingo has suffered a lot of krovosmeshivany.

Mingo is one of the oldest breeds of horses, which is confirmed by the old wall paintings in the caves. Scientists attribute the image to the Paleolithic and find plenty of evidence that the figures shown it is a long Mingo. Presumably this breed are related Andalusian and Galician horse. Closer to our own time, the Portuguese authorities have undertaken to strengthen Mingo, by crossing with Arabian horses. Results of the experiment were successful, the breed has become more refined look.

Mingo kept peculiar breed calm nature, but inherited from the eastern blood perseverance, bravery and dedication. The more used to riding, to a lesser – of agricultural species. A couple of decades ago, local residents used Mingo for the carriage of goods by rugged mountainous terrain. Wide step allows to easily bypass various blackthorn, boulders and other more. Also pony Mingo used in the military for transportation of heavy shells and guns to fight. Locals love their Mingo and organized in their honor competitions and festivals.

Adult ponies can reach 1 m at the withers, and can grow up to one and a half. Colour dark bay or red with shades. The limbs are short, but strong, very solid hooves that allow to pass on any soil.

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