Gaflingskie horse description

Description gaflingskih breed horses, characteristics, content and photos

Description gaflingskih breed horses, characteristics, content and photos

Presented equine refers to a rather old and undersized horses. Initially gaflingskih brought to the territories of Austria, namely, the mountain regions of Tyrol. This breed is interesting in its history of their origin, which dates back to the Middle Ages, it was then that appeared the first mention of the existence of horses in mountain circles, in the south Tyrol. At the moment, it is considered part of Tyrol in Austria, and partly the northern part of Italy. These areas were difficult to live there, but to get there it was only possible for a very narrow paths that pass through mountainous areas, so the inhabitants decided to create a nimble and agile horses, which could help to transport various goods. In the first half of the small horses were distributed to the 19 th century, which has a compact and neat body, which were riders and packs that traveled various dogs in the mountains.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the species represented. Thus, inherent in pets: a neat line of the front section, which confirm their mongrel origins; strong and very solid constitution; legs rather meek and relief; strong muscular thighs part; beautiful and powerful croup (a characteristic of the breed); solid and flat hooves.

Parts of all the representatives gaflingskih horses used as a seat, as in teams. For example, in the Alpine areas, animals are used to driving on sanah.

As representatives of mountain horses, this colt has a virtually ideal movements. Having three gaits approved, they are energetic enough, because from the beginning the horses habitually inhabit the mountain areas.

pets Paces very neat and cover the ground. Paced horse calm, but at the same time quickly and stately, and she walk they pretty proud. Areas lynx good stretch, move, and have vigorously vividness. Hind legs are working vigorously, capturing in this large space. In addition, representatives gaflingskih characterized as a high speed, and low.

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