Bavarian warmblood horse

Photos, description Bavarian Warmblood horse breed, characteristic

Photos, description Bavarian Warmblood horse breed, characteristic

The first representative of the Bavarian warmblood horse breed was born in Germany.

There are following colors woolen cover: red, bay, and gray color. The average pet has at the withers rising from 160 cm to 165 cm. The main use of animals is to work under saddle or in harness.

Let us consider in more detail exterior characteristics of the variety. So, Bavarian warmblood horse of medium size, accurate warhead; flat in profile animals; eyes rather large, expressive; ears are not long; large nostrils. Neck area extended and accurate, near the base a bit too wide. Limbs horses quite powerful, with a good performance; withers are low, there is little developed; the connection line of the back and loin is straight and rather short; croup high, slightly convex and rounded. The ventral part of the strong and deep; thorax spacious. Limbs strong animal, with excellent delivery. Bone system is massive and strong. Forearm elongated and relief; pasterns long, with a large brush. Hock correct forms, neat fold line. The hooves are round, supple and elastic coating, similar to horns.

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