Friesian horse

Description, photos, description of home detention

Description, photos, description of home detention

Friesian horse – quite old breed of horses, which did not give frequent mixing with other species. His ancestor considered to be a horse breed Equus robustus. Originally from Holland once friezes were long even crossed with the Arab horse breeds. From Arabian horses they passed on to a beautiful posture, correct shaped head and slender neck with a slight curve.

Coat color is only a crow. The withers adult horse can grow up to 1.6 m. The locals use the Frisian horses for riding and carrying heavy loads.

The breed has been two centuries if not crossed with others, so it can be considered a purebred.

Some time ago, locals Friesland only doing that bred Friesian horses. The breed is very popular even in monasteries, where monks cared for the animals.

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