Exmoor pony

Photos, description pony breed Eksmurskie, characteristics

Photos, description pony breed Eksmurskie, characteristics

Exmoor Pony breed representatives are the most ancient breed among the many British differences. The origin of the species are also recorded in Great Britain. Miniature ponies are like directly from the Celtic miniature horses. At that time, when the Romans conquered the territory of Great Britain, Exmoor Pony became fast and reliable assistants. Over time, some of the original performance hit is accompanied by multiple crossings. Best for ponies reside in areas rich moors and hills of Exmoor, it is a perfect description of the area south-east of Britain. Today, a representative of the variety has certainly branded the star shape, which can be traced ray of four, except this sign also has a number of the herd to which the pony belongs.

Due to the original location, where they were bred and bred livestock, they began to show certain qualities that small horses can survive and thrive. The main regions are the habitat area, completely overgrown with heather, this desert terrain with large hills on which the English county of Devonshire and Somersetshire. These regions are challenging for habitat, but rapid adaptation and acclimatization helped Exmoor horse to learn many new skills, demonstrate endurance and resistance to any climatic conditions.

Exmoor Pony characterized in that the horse breed strong enough, which is why they are often used for transporting large cargo weight, and they do vigorously transportation without slowing the pace and hardly tired. In addition, animals are known for excellent jumping ability and well-run by whole body. Like many other species of horse lines, which also had to live in extreme conditions, at low temperatures, Exmoor pony have deep sinuses nostril by which they heat the air as soon as its dial inwards.

Other characteristics of exterior type are standard. Rather short, but strong and massive limbs, hard and tough hooves. Interbreed differences are possible with the help of colors. There bay and roan coloring wool covers. The average of Breed at the withers with growth from 120 cm to 130 cm.

If we compare the kind provided with other breeds ancient origin or the newest lines of horses, you will notice a significant difference in the structure of the jaw. In Exmoor kids jaw has not changed since the time of their appearance, so it is unique. Also jaw feature is the presence of a molar excess, the presence of which the others do not.

For many centuries, the breed developed and presented at peace with humanity. Ferrets are used to plow or drag carts, to do this, they adapted a strong neck. Today the breed found a more modern activity, pony take part in all the differences of horse sports entertainment.

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