Appaloosa horse

Beautiful breed description, photos, characteristics

Beautiful breed description, photos, characteristics

Appaloosa Horse breed is very bright and showy horse that is famous for its unusual color. Throughout the body are scattered spots of different colors and shades, mostly black and white or brown and white. Another advantage over other horses – it’s repeated victories in sports, thanks to a good physique and purposeful character. Despite this good performance, the Appaloosa is not only used for the championships, but also as a riding horse for a quiet walk in the park.

Little foal usually still does not have the color which will be live all the time, so in advance to predict the suit is quite difficult. For some people Appaloosa color plays a huge role. For example, the club of the amateurs of this breed takes into account only the 13 colors. But they all share in common: the color with the characteristic spots, white sclera, Chubarov suit and striped hooves.

From birth coat color does not match the suit adult horse. Usually horses when growing up, moult and gradually transformed into one or another color. Foals are born usually with fair hair, but some types have a dark color, approaching to gray. Adult Appaloosa may be a wide range of colors to determine the suit, there are several more specific terms: spotted, chepryak, chepryak spotted, roan, roan chepryak, spotted roan horse chepryak and monotonous. The skin may be pink and partly painted in another darker color, which is also one of the characteristics of the Appaloosa.

Another clear sign that the horse treat breed Appaloosa treat the presence of the white sclera. The cornea is the eye can be any color, but all the space around her dazzling white. It is a sign of thoroughbred Appaloosa. There may also be large, white spots on the head, which is also a sign of the breed.

A characteristic feature of the Appaloosa horse is the presence of other bands on the hooves, they can be white or black. But it is necessary to know that when the horse hurts a limb, then hooves may also occur vertical stripes, so you should constantly monitor and featuring original strips from injury.

The breed is medium in size with a big head. Muzzle oblong shape with large, beautiful eyes and nostrils. The ears are small, closely planted to each other at the end pointed. The neck is of medium length, moderately thin, turning into a broad chest. The tail is raised at the base, so they create a nice long arc. Wool unusually silky, long on the mane and tail, similar to human hair.

Appaloosa have strong personal characteristics. Ambitious, intelligent, observant, moderately calm and obedient. Develop a fairly high speed, so more often than they are used to participate in the races. They are capable of only a few seconds to develop a high-speed or on the contrary it sharply reduced. The most beautiful view of movement – gallop. Easily can jump pretty high hurdles. Jumping accurately and high.

Appaloosa and are a good option for quiet walks, as the horses do not make any sudden movements and a well-kept man in the saddle.

A whole Association Appaloosa lovers, there are many working people who create the entire program for the protection and breeding of horses. Repeatedly held various competitions, horse racing, marathons, exhibitions and even the World and National Show which attracts rock fans from all over the world. The organizers took into account the different categories of owners and their animals, so the program can take and beginner and professional. You can be happy to spend time watching the races or run which lasts for almost a month, but you can just come in and look at the beautiful Appaloosa. Usually they quickly win the hearts of adults and children. Bright color and quiet nature make them darlings among others.

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