Ukrainian ushanka

The breed chickens for home breeding, photos, description, characteristic

The breed chickens for home breeding, photos, description, characteristic

Breed chickens Ukrainian ushanka considered one of the oldest Ukrainian rock, although its exact origins remained a mystery. Despite the fact that the breed is a long period is not extended, it managed to develop more and more with each generation. Later, representatives of the Ukrainian earflaps started to export to the Ukraine, which led to a rather great popularity of the breed. These birds have been loved from fanciers who bred breed egg areas, because it is this and is this breed. Birds so began to call in the results of the place where they were bred and outward signs, which explain the second part of the name, such as: small size of earlobes, abundantly covered with rather short feathers or tanks.

Ukrainian breed is in demand among many poultry farms, both specialized and non-specialized. Thanks to its conformation such data, to look at a bit of exotic birds to breed, as well as provide a genetic reserve of private kollektsionariyah, but mostly, of course, the continuation of the kind involved in Ukraine. Birds are very beneficial and productive. They do not need special accommodations, food, and, most importantly, they are very well acclimatized and are hardy to low temperatures, because they have a special construction of the pen.

As egg direction the breed is fairly good average annual number of eggs – about 160 eggs. The weight of one is about 50, but mostly smaller average weight, which is a significant disadvantage for the breed. Shell eggs – a grim white or light cream. About the beginning of the young generation is eggs, they start in about six months, as well as in general a large number of other species. For its meat productivity in the adult chicken live weight of 2.2 kg to waver, cock – 2.9 kg. Preservation of mature birds – 89%, young – 86%.

Externally, the birds of this breed is not very large, have compact, elongated torso, broad straight back, chest deep convex, enough long neck, legs low pink and clearly expressed developed tail (cocks no longer distant from the trunk). The head of the birds is not very big, wide frontal bone, scarlet face is bright, light red leaf-comb, red hues, almost invisible and hidden feathers for tanks, ear lobes, clearly pronounced chin, small earrings, a powerful little curved beak. OPERA birds intensively, that is the hallmark of the breed Ukrainian earflaps. The fundamental colors of feathers are brown, closer to red, or black. Rarely, but there are also bright white, or shades of a pen.

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