Chickens Cochin China

Breed description, photo, characteristics and breeding at home

Breed description, photo, characteristics and breeding at home

It’s about the breed, which used to be a legend. After all, so we thought about in the 18th century people. Birds bought for any money and it really did not regret anything at all. the British were especially interested in the production of at least one representative. It is no accident, since chicken of Cochin China has a certain sophistication among others. They have very good posture and nobly put, they are quite tall, it is subject to the beauty that is to become one of the main reasons for such popularity among poultry farmers. In European countries, the first time such a bird appeared in 1843 and was used as it is now, as a decorative bird.

Chickens Cochin China breed does not need special, individual power is different from other conditions or climates. The breed is also characterized by a calm disposition, reduced activity and excellent instinct of procreation, birds perfectly incubate. Such birds often are bred in special places for ornamental rocks and stored in the collection of genetic reserves. The greatest intensity of socks eggs occurs in the colder periods of the year (especially in winter). The average number of eggs – about 90-110. Weight of about 55 grams of a dark yellow shades. Productivity liveweight gain in mature chicken – 3,5-4 kg, cock – 4-5 kg. There is also previously indicated dwarf form breed, it has virtually the same description, but in proportion to the reduced size. Externally, the breed has a muscular, fairly loose, large trunk, broad back, big chest deep, medium length neck is long enough bulging belly and thick, yellow, like the skin, feet. On the little head appear tiny black or bright red as a deep-set eyes, yellowish not long, slightly curved beak, comb in birds of medium size sheet-like and erect, long red earlobes. The breed is very much plumage, than they are very different from other breeds. The feathers of birds abundant, fluffy, intensely covering the whole body and finish. Wide large wings, short tail. Low legs much plumage that still resembles the formation of “panties”, especially a lot of feathers on the outer and middle toes. As shown above told the young birds fledge rock rather slowly, and even chickens are born without a pen, or at least some fluff. The colors of the feathers in Cochin China breed absolutely diverse and original. As much as the birds’ feathers too abundant – they often resemble the shape of a circle, another rational explanation for this is their tendency to obesity.

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