Chickens Kuchinsky Jubilee

Breed for home breeding, photos, description, characteristics

Breed for home breeding, photos, description, characteristics

History of chickens breed product Kuchinsky Commemorative quite interesting. He named it was in honor of the 25th anniversary of national plant breeding by name “Kuchinsky” (available on the territory of the Moscow region), in 1954. Derived Kuchinsky anniversary chickens there, with the help of a complex mating Russian white, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Australorp, Livny and white perlamutka. Later, in 1990 the name was changed to Kuczynski anniversary. The breed is a variety of meat and egg direction and very welcome in various poultry farming. Birds can easily acclimatise in any climate, do not need special care, special feeding, and the place of detention. As half beef breed has a high-quality meat, which the superiority of the protein content in itself, despite the fact that birds do not need a special diet foods. The new generation of productivity statistics, one mature chicken has 2.5 kg of live weight, cock – 3.4-3.8 kg. The actual safety of the adult birds 87%, young – 94%. The average number of eggs that bring representatives of the breed, – 160-180 eggs. Weight of eggs is about 60 g of a creamy-brown paint. Begins to bear about the semi-annual jubilee in age. For external data in birds broad enough large trunk with large spacious and deep chest, elastic stomach, back and long massive low fleshy legs. Mostly in the amount, of course, male gender. They have a much larger and wider chest and meaty legs. In a medium-sized rounded head small deep-set eyes red, the same color earlobes, dark pink shades smooth and slightly covered with bristle face and the sheet a little comb. Strongly developed fluffy wings and the tail is less developed. yellow skin.

In Kuchinskaya Jubilee Chicken bright golden plumage, and the neck is clearly framed necklace. By large, with light rods covered with feathers gray fuzz. In the trunk visible clear various drawings. Feathers can be completely different: from golden to dark brown, or the same shade of orange. In males yellow-brown plumage, brilliant golden mane and the lumbar part. On the tail and chest parts of the black coloring, and the wings are black and green. Bird feathers are covered very carefully, feathers soft and friable. Newborn chicks uneven coloring, someone is dark brown, others – bright yellow pubescence. Recognize the signs of conformation on the floor small chickens are very simple, they have dark wings, and the males have – dark (the method of recognition is around 80-90%).

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