Blue Ducks Favorite

Photos, description of breed ducks Blue Favorit, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description of breed ducks Blue Favorit, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Blue Favourite Breed ducks bred on the territory of the former Soviet Union in the late 90s. The breed was not created intentionally, but simply as a good selection experiment among Beijing ducks. The result of selection led to the creation of a new breed of excellent meat and egg performance. Meat diet and very pleasant to the taste, hasty, unlike its progenitor Peking duck.

The name of the breed was because of the beautiful colors, which are colored feathers – a deep gray color with a beautiful blue hue. And the second part of the name indicates that the breed has a wealth of a number of positive qualities. Besides a large weight and meat of excellent quality, pleasing and precocity ducks. For example, at the age of 2 months, some individuals gain weight to 4 kg! And an average of about 3 kg. This means that at this age they are ready for slaughter, which is a considerable saving on feed.

Adult drake can weigh approximately 5 kg and a duck – 4 kg. Ducks Favourites differ good egg production, the year they can produce up to 150 eggs, the weight of 85-90 But the hen with no ducks, so the eggs need to be adapted to other hen or incubator use. Oplodotvoritelnost eggs is average, but the safety of the young is excellent. Newborn ducklings, though small, however, have a strong immunity, so rarely get sick. The adult becomes the favorite duck breed, the better the survival rate.

Blue Ducks breed Favorit can be distinguished for the construction of a strong body and developed muscular system. Long sheepskin coat, the back is broad, deep chest. The neck is not too thin and short. The average size of the head, small eyes. The beak is long and straight. The limbs are short and strong. The color of the pen can be quite varied, and depends on the color of the limbs and beak.

Many species Blue Favorite bred for meat or home use in order to grow sales outlets at poultry farms.

Let us consider more in detail some of the varieties. The most popular and best-known Blue is considered a favorite. Among it is possible to meet ducks s more saturated blue feathers and a lighter. It is in the crossing of these two ducks of different colors turns the whole palette of different colors. In this way, it can turn black, dark gray, blue or almost white duck breed Favorit. All of them also have high productive qualities and often boil down accidentally, particularly on small commercial yards. A huge plus is that the duck is not whimsical, so perfectly acclimatized on any terrain.

Ducks breed Blue Favorite created by the debt process of crossing different breeds. The blood of these ducks has an admixture of Beijing, Bashkir and Black Whitechest duck. From all 3 species Favourites took only the best, so they have little or no flaws. In specialized farms and industries can meet the Blue and Red Favorites that have high production rates to the same extent.

To avoid accidentally not to succumb to the real question whether you like it blue, you need to know what colors can be very different, but on productive qualities are not affected. Favorite color depends on what individuals were crossed with ducks. For example, if a duck and a drake saturated blue color, the ducklings can be light blue, dark blue and even black. Black ducks, it is desirable not to breed in itself, since the blue color will not return. It is best to breed ducks of different colors, while the main feature of the breed to survive. The duck will look attractive thanks to a blue tint pen.

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