Khaki Campbell ducks breed

Photos, description Khaki Campbell breed, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Khaki Campbell breed, characteristic for home breeding

Pure meat and egg direction in the cultivation of ducks breed English. Brought Khaki Campbell, known at the time fancier, named Adele Campbell that did not meet the productive qualities of their own ducks. At the end of the 19th century the breed was presented to the general public. But finally the rock was formed when Campbell decided to once again cross the ducks, for the sake of a beautiful yellow color. But the expected results have not been confirmed, acquired color dark green with a brown hue, so the second prefix to the name of the breed – khaki. Today, one can distinguish three kinds of color shades Khaki Campbell fawn, dark gray and white.

The breed belongs to the middle-heavy type, an adult drake weighs about 3 kg, the weight can rarely exceed this figure, duck, and even less – about 2.2 -2.5 kg. Special precocity has not only by the age of 3-4 months weft picking most of the weight and starts to rush. Ducks have a record egg production for the year can get up to 350 eggs weighing 80 g Ducks Khaki Campbell excellent hen, they own the eggs hatch, so the incubator can be saved. To ducklings hatched from eggs must undergo 28 days. At the age of six months, young ducklings are growing stronger and are ready to engage in sexual relations. At the age of 3-4 months, gaining just 1.5 to 2.5 kg, it is very small figures. But meat yield of almost 90%, is relatively high rates.

To duck feel comfortable, you need to take care of the availability of good pasture and water. Water diet is able to replace more than half of all feeds. Then Khaki Campbell different active character, mobility. But if all this is not, it is also not a problem, because they are able to adapt well under any weather conditions.

Breed small, and therefore all parts of the body are relatively small. Tulupyev elongated, streamlined with deep chest. Head small, dark eyes shining. The neck is thin, short, painted in brown color, the same as with a tail spin. All other parts of the body have a pen khaki. The limbs are short and strong. Wings not fully developed, which is why fly Khaki Campbell can not fly.

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