Slaughtering chickens how to score a chicken at home

Tips for slaughter chickens at home, photo

Tips for slaughter chickens at home, photo

For long-term storage of meat, easy to nip down, you need to carry out preparatory work prior to slaughter chicken. Prior to slaughter do not feed the chicken, clearing the stomach and quiches poultry products from processed by the body, as a rule, this hunger strike for birds begins hours at 18-24. And for ten hours before the murder, do not give even water, chicken found in the cell, so as not to bite its own droppings.

Recommend deadening through the oral cavity by means of a narrow knife. Grabbing a chicken leg over his left hand clamped her head while pulling the neck, while the victim will not open its beak. Oral poke a knife and cut the vein, and after palatal slit, this action paralyzed nerves and muscles relax. The knife was removed and allowed to hang his head to the bottom for 15-20 minutes, until it stops dripping blood and straightened wings.

Chicken plucking is carried out while it is still warm, if this is not done in time, the feathers are removed more difficult. First get rid of the fluff from the wings and tail, then move to the stomach and back, plucked the legs and neck at the end. Spend plucking gently without damaging the carcass. The blunt part of the blade get rid of fine fluff. When completely plucked bird, proceed to the release of blood from the mouth, which is inserted a tampon, washed out and wiped on dry.

The next step is the evisceration of a carcass, it is treated with the flame and washed in hot water. At the end of the internal organs were removed, leaving the kidney, liver and heart. Carcass is placed in the refrigerator, can be stored in the cellar about 3-5 days, but this cover in a cloth soaked in vinegar.

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