Aquatic snails ampulyarii

Description aquarium snail species ampulyarii, photo, maintenance and care

Description aquarium snail species ampulyarii, photo, maintenance and care

Ampulyarii – breed snails that live in fresh water. In view of this small shellfish (about five centimeters) with unusual coloring. Their skin is painted in brown. Body dark stripes. In nature, there are several subspecies ampulyarii. Each subspecies are distinguished by colors (pink, blue, beige, yellow). Clamshell often has the same color as the skin. A distinctive feature of the breed snails are long, thin mustache. Homeland ampulyarii considered South America. Now snails also live in Asia.

Recently freshwater aquarium snail ampulyarii is very popular among people in Europe, Asia and America. Due to the ease of maintenance, it is often bought as pets. In captivity, animals can live in the aquarium. Snail gets along well with small fish. Because of its weak jaws, she can not eat plants, so you can safely plant them bottom of the aquarium. Only at first glance, these seem harmless snails. Despite their appearance, they are nimble, can escape, so always cover the aquarium. Make sure that air can find water. Otherwise shellfish suffocate.

By eating aquarium snails are not choosy. You can feed them fish, vegetables, herbs. Suitable even fish feed. It is not advisable just to give a lot of food cochlea. Pour food for as long as the animal will be able to master. Ampulyarii – heat-loving creation, so the water temperature should not be lower than nineteen degrees. The duration of the average life of shellfish becomes five years.

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