Oriental Shorthair, a description of

Description breed oriental shorthair cats, characteristics, content and photos

Description breed oriental shorthair cats, characteristics, content and photos

The name of the breed representatives gives some idea of ​​himself, all with English “oriental” is translated as “Eastern”, which makes the cat quite mysterious breed. Indeed, similar to oriental cats find extremely difficult, because our world does not know of many eastern species. For example, consider the eastern Siamese species that as oriental shorthair, oriental recognized associative representatives, is the hallmark of only the coat color and different colored eyes. Also, compared to the Siamese members, the lack of any special markings on the tail, muzzle and paws, which covered the entire body of the Siamese, Oriental as pets have a uniform cover of pure color gamut in the whole body. Many features have presented rock taken from the wild of genetically inherent qualities, they are graceful, express relief constitution, long and rotten body.

For its conformation traits cats have long refined legs; beautiful, rounded head; on a cute attractive face – large, expressive eyes in the shape of almonds and medium-sized ears. Cats conquer other own proud posture, graceful movement plasticity, gracefulness and elegance.

Buying home oriental animal, you get in the first place, a friend, which is great to train, does most of the heavy teams, because cats also have high intelligence. Pet immediately tied to the owners, sociable, sincerely loves and trusts. House of Representatives oriental shorthair always find something to do and how to entertain themselves, cats are curious enough, so almost everything that is happening around them – will be seen and investigated. Pets will be the members of your family, will always help and support friendly. If in the house inhabited by a cat live near the little kids, the Oriental variety than they will take, and will gladly entertain the children by playing with them.

Training for a pet is largely perceived as a game, so without any problems and weights owner can teach the pet to do a lot of exciting teams. Show cats better walk with a leash, because of their excessive activity, playing in the street cats, without knowing it, an excellent job with the dog “Oporto” command, bringing the object thrown in the teeth. Other inhabitants of the house or the street on which they live oriental shorthair representatives will certainly become friends, cats non-conflict, peace-loving and friendly.

Externally described above is actually kind of like, kind of like a Siamese, but without the inherent express Himalayan ornaments on the coat. Many who have studied the Siamese breed, were surprised to find Thai manuscript, which stated on the exterior variety of data, such as: interesting, “floated” coat color, the presence of multiple spots in the legs, muzzles, ears and tail. The same was found in Thailand on the oriental shorthair, has a uniform, fully painted body. Further, in the second half of the 19th century, representatives of the two species were imported into European countries. At the end of the 20th century (about 1985) in the English regions was an exhibition, which has been demonstrated pets Oriental shorthair breed, unlike cats and the prevalence was in the color blue. They brought blue representative from Bangkok. As much as at that time was quite a big demand for the Siamese breed of cats, pet society of fans immediately noticed their relatives, having a continuous color coating. But unfortunately oriental cats were constantly under the shadow of the Siamese, for these reasons, in the first half of the 20th century (the 20th year) happened many different exhibitions, in which the act was forbidden to breed. This was the aim and drop the breed at the same time. aim to change and improve oriental kittens was set before the scientists. The decision was monophonic: new offspring has to be slimmer, sleeker and more refined. The Siamese kind of research was involved, although whether or not to cross it was in doubt, because then a new generation of wool could not be the original oriental color. The results were achieved in the results of which were born perfect slim and beautiful monochrome suit kittens. So, in 1970 the worldwide recognized standard organization cats Oriental shorthair representatives, there was a unique study of cats in Britain and the United States. It is followed, in 1974, recognized the independent and universal white Siamese cat, and finally in 1978 was officially recognized as the standard of the breed in Havana. In addition to these there were other, obtained by the method of crossing the classic colors, which were also later found and with its own standard. As soon as several representatives have been exported from Thailand preliminary breed standards also recognized the action was in 1958 and since that time has passed 16 years to update a variety accepted in the US (1974), where at that time there were more than 60 nurseries. For the first time, when the cats were imported to our shores, it took some time, and already in 1987 the Slavic humanity could enjoy new representatives kittens Oriental shorthair breed, which is often perceived as a kind of Siamese and crossed together.

Are famous pets actually any variety of Color woolen cover, many of which are owned by a special name. Based on the color of the wool coat, treated in different ways and to themselves cats. For example, black cats colors called ebony as many assert, it is connected with ebony sapling representatives have apparently oriental coloring black panther and green, expressive eyes. The following colors – Havana, which is named in honor of pets cigars. Similar name have other colors of oriental shorthair pets. As the statement, each represented by home favorite breed is original and unique, with its audience and group of cat lovers who admire palettes. The variety of colors is really surprising the audience of different categories. The most rare pets possess bluish hues, sometimes with gray tints. There are pink colors, with shimmering, delicate purple flowers. The most exotic varieties of cigars are, as a rule, it is often the indigenous breeds have fur that color. The most popular are the owners of cats tabby pattern (a set of interesting, original ornaments applied to the primary color).

Variety tabby is divided into several categories: tiger, marble, covered with spots. Marble colors recognized very often, the reason for that is the basis of a recessive gene, incorporated in the progeny of the early birth of the embryo, so the species is rarely born tabby kittens similar. Outside marble cat is very beautiful and unique: the strip length of the whole body, which embellish and accentuate subtle, graceful muscular torso pet home. And just born young resemble cute little chipmunk with a nice long strips. Also marble tabby colors stand out varieties of wool color with a variety of spots all over the body. Some of these are cats with leopard woolen cloak.

Looking at them, you can find plenty to do with the lines of their wild ancestors, like cats themselves are proportionally smaller copy of the leopards. The newest subgroup Oriental shorthair breed appeared recently, these include pets smoky, silver shades. The foundation on which is built color tabby – uniform color coating. The more representatives tabby uniform color palettes, the more appreciated by the cat. If you decide to purchase a good and loyal friend who will be a perfect assistant and sincerely love you, we offer a representative Oriental shorthair domestic pet.

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