Serengeti Cat Breed

Photos, description cat breed Serengeti, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description cat breed Serengeti, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

At the end of the second half of the 20th century (about 1994-1995) in one of the Californian nursery called «Kingsmark», brought a new breed of cat – Serengeti, which is still in its infancy. Before you create a variety of American designers set out to create a cat, similar to the line servalskoy cat. In the first few experiments came to light a variety of Serengeti, and by interbreeding Abyssinian oriental species. In California, further experiments with the conclusion of the breed were made under the direction of Karen Sauzmen. Further studies are planned to take place at that time, until it is finally derived variety, similar to the Serval, but only without the blood mixing with the wild rock. Named in honor of cats primitive residence – the city Serengeti, in the territory of the Tanzanian savannah. During World feline organizations we have long recognized the representatives of the Serengeti and was registered as official representatives of their own kind.

For personal conformation traits cats have these characteristics: cats tend to be significantly larger cats have about 8-12 kg of body weight for women representatives, and about 15 kg – male representatives; average, sometimes more than the average, the size of the trunk; small head, with carefully posed, large, not long ears; pancakes, delicate legs; medium-length tail. Wool cover from pets Serengeti abundantly covers the entire body, it is clearly expressed in spots, and almond shaped eyes have harmoniously looking with coat color, eye shades (often honey-colored). Cats perfectly adapted to a large family or huge companies.

Excellent will entertain your young kids their own vigor and enthusiasm. For these pets do not have to buy special toys or to equip the site for walking, they organize all of their personal taste. Curious pets exceeds all sorts of rules: the movement of objects, rent furniture, to turn things around – not all of what they are capable of cute animals. Cats are very talkative. Being with someone in the house, they are constantly trying to tell us something, explain to complain and even sing. In the vocabulary of representatives of the breed Serengeti cat lots of interesting and not kotyachih sounds that constantly hears landlord (kurlykane, grunting, Twitter, quacking, chuckle).

It is recommended to print the cats walk, where they can play well and have fun. If a pet dog sees, option two, or they run away fast and far from the impact site (almost always jump on the first available tree), or be the first to bravely attack the enemies. A lot of good and bad things that pets make solely because of excessive curiosity, so you need an indulgent treat pets, patiently train and teach good manners cats. After walking with the return of your cat wait for guests, which the representatives of the Serengeti necessarily will call to himself. As has become clear, the cat can not tolerate being alone and looking for all sorts of ways to imagine the big companies, where they are comfortable and fun.

Give your pet a lot of time, giving his master’s love and care, then the cat will thank you in return.

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