Cat Chinese Li Hua

Photos, description Chinese cat breed Li Hua, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Chinese cat breed Li Hua, characteristic for home breeding

Founders Do hua Chinese steel cat breed representatives of various breeds of domesticated cats that become important reason for the dispute of scientists. On the origin and derivation of Chinese cats knows virtually nothing. Most scientists assume that the principal ancestors were gray cat Gobi (original title felis silvestris bieti). In comparison with other species of cats, the breed was recognized by the Chinese almost recently and is one of the youngest species. Representatives of the CFA only in the 21 th century gave the standard if the Chinese hua (about 2010). In fact, cats are young enough to be a popular and highly prevalent, similar thoughts matured in most cats associations, but still, the cat literally from the very first appearances in the big world have won the hearts of men. As is known, together with a pet is given the opportunity to buy and ancient legends about its origin, it is interested in a large number of potential buyers and owners of pets.

In the Chinese cat Li Hua inherent characteristics similar exterior: medium size, strong enough relief body; broad and straight back; convex, rounded breasts; a small head with a beautiful, expressive eyes that are strong enough to look through the eyes of ancestors (especially like the color: light or dark green, bright yellow, dull orange). The prevalence of pets is their incredible woolen cover. It would seem that coat color is fairly simple – classic tabby, but if you look at the Chinese pet, you will see a harmonious body, in which every thing look perfect.

Although the breed got its own standard of fact recently, there were representatives of the Chinese many centuries before. One of the proofs are all the names that I just called cats. Of these, the most popular names of breeds of cats: Li Hua of China, whether huamao, Dragon Lee, Li Mao. And all sorts of similar names meant pupils in their native lands color color kittens – cat flower that looks like a fox.

As you know, a lot of pets can not tolerate loneliness and always miss his own master, but representatives of the Chinese breed and are ideal for those who can not too long intervals to give the cat. The character is strong enough kittens. They are independent, self-serious. For the pet owner of Chinese origin snaps through a long period of time, and not a fact that will bind all. Do not be afraid to leave your pet with the children, it is perfectly cope as babysitting, I will be happy to play with the kids. It may at first glance seem that this breed is a bit cold and indifferent to the world, but it is not. Chinese pets love to spend time with the owners, continually something having fun, but if this is not possible, due to the fact that the owner is not the time or a bad mood, the kids will feel it and will not be bored. If live in the house and other pets, cats will not cause conflicts or take part in them.

Chinese Li Hua cats have a reception and a good immune system, and their hitting the developed intellect will help you in everyday unusual situations. Although cats and not very playful when they do not want to play, but kids will always be entertained with great pleasure, therefore, to take the kitten in a small apartment in the city – not an option. To make your favorite pet to be happy, he needs their own space and a lot of detail with which a pet to play and dream with a variety of entertainment. It is recommended to add vitamin supplements to eat the kitten, and most importantly, the right to make the whole diet.

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