Highlander British cat

Photos, description Highlander cat breed, characteristics, care

Photos, description Highlander cat breed, characteristics, care

Production creation of representatives of the British cat breed heylender by multiple fans and enthusiasts. One day, they just want to bring a kind of cats that will be like a wild lynx. A feature provided pets are methods of pure, non-hybrid (as representatives of shrouds or Canaan) mating, that is undoubtedly Highlander breed is unique, with it has an unusual appearance. To create a pet several representatives of ordinary domestic cats were used, which owned the right to dye wool cover, and not lynx or other wild varieties kotyachih. In the initial stages of product breed, pets called highland lynx, which literally translates as “mountain lynx”, the name of the course was chosen by the external characteristics.

For self Exterior Features cat has: features, multiple endings curved lugs (making kittens similar to the American Curl breed, but varieties gained a similar sign of mutations in different ways, so it is impossible to compare them); strong structure of the body, with a pronounced relief; rounded, medium size head, which are large and expressive eyes look harmoniously; the tail part is not well developed and moderately pubescent. Cats have both long and short hair, handsome, a little wild color similar to color rices.

In the role of pets Highlander kids look great. Females are very friendly, peaceful and hospitable. The proper time will be happy to carry out in large companies, supporting all fun and inspiring the rest of the personal energy and activity. Pets are not very talkative, most of all, they try to show by gestures or touch. The other pupils living under the same roof with them are good, without creating conflict situations, and do not meet the evil or irritation.

For those who like big pets, Highlander exactly what you are looking for. Kittens are unpretentious to care enough to periodically bathe pets, and a special brush to comb, greater responsibilities in the case, if the cat has a long woolen cloak. Lender depends on how the baby is eating, although the breed a strong immune system, try to add to the diet of vitamins to support healthy appearance. Self-experiment with crossing representatives Highlander is not recommended, because the final results may have serious health problems. All business processes dominant mutation inherent to representatives of the variety. These cats feel well when they have a large area for entertainment and a place where you can just spend the accumulated energy (and they have it quite a lot), it is a must to take into account in case of acquisition of a pet Highlander.

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