Singapura cat, a description

Description of the content and characteristics of cats Singapore, photo

Description of the content and characteristics of cats Singapore, photo

It will focus on the breed of the few that has been independently derived natural method – Singapura cat. Having a fully Eastern origin, for further investigations took full US breeders. As a result, US scientists have perfected and formed this kind of cats.

For these cats their own conformation characteristic similar characteristics: small body (representatives are among the smallest in the world), the weight of an adult cat is rarely more than three kilograms, and the cats – about two; on a small, rounded head is clearly expressed and emphasized big, expressive eyes, looking constantly penetrating and serious look. Color cats are incredibly beautiful and not monotonous, and does not have any variation. Call it a sepia agouti – cream shades with shimmering dark brown on the head, ears and back. Wool cover does not differ a great long, silky to the touch and does not own the undercoat. These characteristics make the animal stroking process is fairly enjoyable.

As is clear from the above, the appearance of the breed Singapura extraordinary that can be said about the nature of the pets. From the first seconds of acquaintance with the pet will surprise you with the provocative elegance and kids. Differ kitties own attachment to the pet owners, they are not for one second does not leave those kids tamed. The breed has jokingly referred to as “kids”, not only because of their small size, and also because pets are often themselves appropriately: constantly play, ready to jump, run, without making any respite. Never Singapore cats are not allowed itself a manifestation of at least some aggression or anger. Absolutely everything that makes their owners perceive a friendly and peaceful. The playful character, as is well known, and can bring a lot of negative factors, but not with representatives of the breed. With special intellectualism and ingenuity, cats feel when the owners do not want to play, or even simple human fatigue, so exasperate small pet is in any case will not be if you’re not in the mood to play.

Eastern origin is not bestowed a kind of over-talkative, so talk Pets can hear rare enough voice in cats pleasant, delicate, gentle and quiet. Harmless creatures who want to have fun all the time and at the same time do not show never the slightest anger, automatically become ideal pets and part of life owners.

Many are afraid to buy itself or similar kittens only due to the fact that apparently the breed has a fairly small body, but do not judge by its cover. In fact, only seem to be fragile Singapura, their small body has a certain vividness and power. A private reserve of energy kids can boast, it seems that he is their infinite. Constant new ideas, original entertainment, a variety of cats and themselves come up and burning eyes, looking in that it is impossible to be indifferent and ignore the pet, when he wants to play. Development of Singapore cats lasts quite large, compared to other varieties of species, the time interval.

For a time my mother can give birth to a little kitten that approximately 3-4 months can not be absolutely no independence.

In Singapore our territories rare species, as well as nurseries, where probably there are representatives of the breed. It is not just about our area, as well as other countries, even European regions, which is also small areas with small pets. Decide upon the acquisition of Singapore pets active and energetic people who can fairly assess the merits of similar kids, individuals with a certain enthusiasm in the eyes, clock energy and playfulness, tenderness and loyalty.

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