Javanese cat or Javanese cat

Description Javanese Cat breeds, characteristic, content and photos

Description Javanese Cat breeds, characteristic, content and photos

Previously unrecognized representatives Javanese cats were under constant pressure from outsiders. Later newborn kittens found in oriental litters, which was an important step for the purpose of their status as representatives of unique species.

Javanese Cat still breed is one of various Oriental breed lines. The average length of the coat is the main characteristic feature and exterior features of the breed. The name described the breed noticed an interesting name that resembles the name of the island of Java. This is actually an island, in whose honor and was named Javanese Javanese Cat or cat. I posted it on the south-eastern part of Asia. In the world there are many different associations and events created by cat lovers. Many organizations believe that this breed is one of the many different oriental cats.

At European regional associations as the FIFe and WCF, representatives Javanese Cat half oriental longhair, with a mass of multicolored colors of the coat. Have created associations Americans as CFA, ACFA and CFF, the Javanese cat species are considered to be Balinese, who have interesting and unusual coloring. Some pets are well exercised oriental painting fur, hence the coined by American cat lovers, the name – Oriental Longhair breed. In the same category are entered the white coat color favorites created for TICA. Another kind of world organizations cat lovers – GCCF, these lines oriental cats with long hair is called the Angora breed, but these representatives prior to that time is not recognized as a cat, ready to participate in the championship.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries were established phenological Association breeders of all representatives, with any color and suits Oriental shorthair varieties. For its conformation characteristics compared to the Orientals, the difference is only in the breed long wool cover and fluffy step behind. Outwardly, this sophisticated cat, which has a relief, a strong enough torso medium sized, well-framed body lines, small, extended head, small ears, and endings.

Representatives Javanese Cat visually soft and fluffy on the contours of the body, such a description confirms and gives quite long hair. But, in fact, a woolen blanket cats not rude, to the extent of a silky, fluffy and it seems easy. If you do not take into account the length of the undercoat, it seems that the Javanese cats have short hairs, only looking at the incredibly beautiful and fluffy tail, medium-length, accurate hind legs opinion becomes routine and representatives Javanese Cat are treated as long-haired cats.

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