Oriental Longhair

Description Oriental longhair cats, characteristics and photos

Description Oriental longhair cats, characteristics and photos

The initial appearance of the place rocks are considered areas of North America. On the eve of the 20 th century, oriental longhaired cat was bred. And the very emergence of the cats was an accident, so that by mating short-haired Siamese variety and hatched a new breed, which will be discussed.

Unlike other species, Oriental Longhair spread and became the favorite fast enough. On the passage of the short time period of creation and official recognition of the breed related organizations like: ACF, WCF, FIFE, GCCF, and several associations of the same direction have noticed that the representatives of a very interesting and original.

The weight of one representative about 4-6 kilograms, shades of colors of wool quite diverse: smoke, tabby, shadow palette, except the foundations across absolutely original color gamut. For the personal characteristics of pupils are very intelligent, peace-loving, quick-witted and nimble. Many of the international association representatives saw in this species a large enough need for care, so if the owners of their pets would not have time to care for them – it is better not to buy the cats.

For its own conformation data oriental longhair spokeswoman nearly identical compared to the Balinese, it is the hallmark of a varied color wool cover. For its own breed of medium-sized value.

Females are very domestic, if you are unable to walk steadily or leave them in open areas – this is not a disadvantage. While the clock at home, the cat will not be homesick, but rather to please their owners of their activity, playfulness and a feeling that they understand any problems in life, trying to help. Regardless of who will be next to the pet, he would take it quietly and not irritating, because pets are hospitable enough. The breed is different from the others with his gentle voice, as compared to other breeds of cats, meow oriental longhair quietly, gently, gently. In any quarrels or fights, like most, with a variety of pets do not enter.

Scientists have proved that the acquisition of a cat-like species is at least a great responsibility, pet almost immediately when friends with the owner, tries absolutely everything to trust him, so any violation of credulity cute pets turn its complete loss, and more. In such cases, the cats were in a dismal state of the fallen. However, this same feature and distant relatives of the breed – Siamese variety.

Cats are very whimsical to the conditions in which they live, food and need constant attention. For people permanently employed representatives of this species did not resemble, cats can not leave the house for a long time, need constant care increased. But such pets is just suitable for large families. Increased activity and a constant desire to play will not make children get bored and become a good friend or a nanny. Lovely and quiet voice, too, is not a sign that the favorite will always remain silent, as well as the people they are trying to tell us something to tell.

In general, for those who are really in need of a new vigorous family member – oriental long-haired cat created just for you. Over time, the favorite will be the guaranteed part of your life, and all that you give the cat would return back.

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