Anatolian or Turkish Shorthair, description

Description cats Anatolian breed characteristics, content and photos

Description cats Anatolian breed characteristics, content and photos

For several centuries have passed since that time, as the Anatolian cats were first bred and seen in Turkey Lake Van. Later, with the advent of WCF (World Cat Federation) or the WCF, representatives pile up their own standard as individual samosformirovannaya breed. According to the results of many studies have found that it is in Turkey, representatives of the breed were direct descendants of a number of genes, which they took from the earlier domestic cats centuries ago.

These studies have been made due to sufficient amount of controversy among scientists, because one half believed that cat come from Egypt, but, as has been proven this home to representatives of Turkish lands are breed. Aside from the Turkish countryside, cats met back in Armenia, the Caucasus, Iraq, Iran and southeastern Russia. It is known that the species was frequently exposed dedomestikatsii, which made her very popular in the world a variety of breeds. Externally, it is lovely and at the same time quite predatory pets, to have a home like pet is considered a rarity because they can not afford one. But, you have at a wild animal in appearance, but a pet character is original and interesting.

Although cats and predatory actually quite traits they have it from their ancestors: highly turbulent and quickly irritable, highly intelligent and smart, these qualities, in comparison with different breeds, is clearly higher. Keep pets similar practice, but it puts in some measure them under threat. All owners, buying a cat, want pretty good animal and in any case not a predator, the domestication of breed practice and it is not difficult, but the stronger domestic cat is, the more likely weakened immunity and disease in it. So, be careful when buying yourself another Turkish shorthair varieties (the second name of the breed).

For a variety of personal characteristics or Anatolian Turkish Shorthair is similar to Van species. Therefore, in Turkey, this kind for a certain snow-white wool coat color cover, and not the same eyes is one of the species or breed of Viennese van Kedis. More from distant ancestors they adopted personal tolerance, habits and mannerisms. The truth is the main hallmark is visible to all, the size pets – they are much larger than the standard standards. Similar features can be easily explained, because the rocks identical genetic origin of the fund, created by the blood before the new generations are constantly mixed in the outcome of their gene pool to create a group of Mediterranean cats. Generation after generation passed and each becoming less unique.

Now representatives of the breed almost sociable, no musicality, friendly, peace-loving and still many additional facts are not similar and unique as the first bred cats. On further cross with the European short-haired species or breed of Celtic speech can not even be this Anatolian representatives are not suitable. For its own conformation these kitties are: a medium-sized body, small ears, relief and curled tail to the end. Popular cats are their capabilities, as it turned out, jump 1.5-2 meters in height is absolutely not difficult to make the representatives of the Turkish breed that proves their springiness. Anatolian Shepherd Dog has a lot of advantages, but its appearance is sometimes frightens and repels that is by design. Musical quality breeds are very high and unique. Turkish cats perceive incredibly well all by ear. Do you want him to sing? No problem! Pets will be helping her sweet meow while to catch the rhythm and dance with the help of the tail. You can not be afraid that without your permission cat does something bad, even if the pet wants to jump off somewhere, be sure to ask permission. It seems that the Turkish pundits talk. Their uncanny intelligence and intelligence is also important.

Each time, thanks to punishing or beloved pet they perceive and hear any comments. About the desires cat, too, will not be silent, and is available in their own language to explain what he wants or what’s bothering her, it’s not just about the voice and gestures of the pet. Thanks to intelligent personal data Anatolian pussy notice absolutely all actions that take place inside and beyond its borders. Any danger or accidents that can be prevented will not happen without the cat will tell someone. It would seem that serve as a good host given Milash, we are always ready to help and serve. But it’s all the years of education and training. If the pet is living with the smallest age interval with you, then there is no limit pampering.

Especially the first 12 months of over-active cats quite inquisitive and playful. Any thing that is wrong is the target to play, or to destroy it. However, if once on the table will be based on some raw vegetables that will try to pet, and they will be abhorrent to him in comparison with the fish, then the next time the cat will not touch them. His energy Anatolian manifest in different games, which seals himself and invent. According to the rules to play with them is difficult because the rules they come up with themselves. Interestingly watch their football, volleyball and sometimes with paper lumps instead of the ball and a lot of variety of entertainment, invented ingenious kitty.

If you have no time to play with your pet, and he always goes and touches, turn to him the water, causing a large amount of time is sufficient to hold the cat, playing near the crane, as well as a variety of Van cats, this breed is also mesmerizing water jet. Their rapacity shown in normal canine habits. As we all know, dogs are used to execute the command “Oporto”, the same can do and Turkish pets and basically pet can often be seen strolling through the house with any subject in the teeth.

In WCF federation described the breed standard for the rules: large size, strong body, increased muscularity and definition, rounded, strong legs, and lowered sufficiently screwed to the bottom of the tail. Head in the form of a small triangle, with chubby cheeks and crisp on top, spacious and highly placed, erect ears, slanting, large oval eyes, wide and located perfectly in harmony with the color of the coat. Covering a variety of pet hair colors, the most popular of them are: cinnamon, brown (looking more like a chocolate hue), purple, white. Coloring is often mixed palette, newts, or bicolor tabby. Turkish Shorthair kind is directly related to the breed of Siamese cats, but the coat color is similar to the Siamese considered not permissible, however, it does not actually exist. At the touch of the wool cover is a long size, stroking the cat feels some rustling, due to the rigidity of wool without unnecessary undercoat.

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