Australian Mist

Description of the breed Australian smoky cat or the Australian Mist, characteristics, content and photos

Description of the breed Australian smoky cat or the Australian Mist, characteristics, content and photos

Bred breed in Australia, where a variety called “Australian Mist.” Australians from the start considered the breed unique and unique animals that naturally is true. After some time after the discovery of Australian Mist (its official name), WCF Diaspora adopted as a standard breed, gave her a brand independent and individual species, which, however, is not a rare fact. The citizens of this breed homeland rather proud of it, because cats almost never distributed, except their places of origin, which makes a variety of rare and totally inaccessible. The creation of the breed, however, did not occur in Australia, in Sydney, in the second half of the 19th century (approximately 1975-1976 years). More precisely it is not proven, but some scientists believe the Abyssinian breed a kind, burmezskih and ordinary non-pedigreed cats that belong to their distant relatives.

In studies of Sydney scientists played an important role breeding program, through which we described was derived variety. From all groups of selections breed Australian smoky representatives took for themselves the best thing that has made the best cats of all instances of selection, it was the main objective of the study. Quest was that the newly formed rock looks to be similar to the representatives of the Burmese breed, have a variety of shades, with a clear coat spotted sketch. As a result, scientists have found such exterior signs from the Burmese breed: the same figure, most of the traits (eg, sociability), more than half of the shades of color, namely 4 of 6 existing ones; abissinok from: two different coat color, with clear pointers to the bedrock, ticking (ie drawing without drawing), and personal characteristics, most of which were active and peaceful; of purebred domestic cats: the previously intensive puberty, natural beauty, natural, original, incredibly beautiful color of the coat.

The objective has been achieved than proud participating breeding formatting, and, on the eve of the 20 th century (1986), a species of Australian Mist was recorded again, this time pervoiskhodnym title “Australian Mist” no less serious organization of Australian supporters. The end of the 19th century (1999) was a time of expansion of the boundaries of purebred cats such rozryada, to representatives of the Australian experiment Mista added a Siamese gene, resulting offspring had a marble-framed spotted fur, aquamarine eye palettes of extraordinary beauty. At the same time slot simultaneously initialize a new line of the main breed Australian Mist, initializers become Australian Spotted Mist, which also ofitsializirovali representatives (particularly after the phenomenon has gained enough popularity invented name Sydney successful studies).

Afford such a pet can not everyone, the whole thing in an expensive cost, as representatives of this breed is a good enough pedigree data and conformation traits. As a fact, the female seals are much more masculine. Where can I get such a pet is also not known to spread the information minimally and in a big disadvantage. Valued representatives of the breed for its unusual color of wool coating. Wool is completely different: spotted, marbled mottled shades, and in general has always ticked the foundation that creates patterned drawing sheet. The lower and outer parts of the body – more clarified tinting, similar to an invisible coating that makes cats unusual and mysterious.

According to the external dimensions of the average livestock, fur little bears and rich in structure. Ears have cats on the specific form: straight, a little to the rear as if combed, medium-sized and curled at the tips. Eyes cats unusually slanted that betrays a certain mystique in the eyes, the shape is similar to almond, color from aquamarine to green, shining golden rainbow. The tail is not responsible body proportion, less than the average length of the main part of the dark bands and ending interesting bent as if rounded.

If you want a pet that are completely indifferent to the outside world, the Australian representatives are perfect. Cats may not leave the house, quietly doing their best indoors, and every trip becomes for them a waste of time and it is not surprising if the cat immediately run away from the street, because the cat is better and more interesting to break into your home warm and cozy. It may appear that cats are not sociable and do not want contact with anyone, but it is not. Coming to visit her, you can not worry about what she does not want to run away or to play with a stranger, a cat is characterized by its Australian hospitality, is pleased to play with the master, will not rush or feel irritable. If the owners have children, in contrast to other breeds, cat is responsive to obey and look after them, is not afraid to play and entertain, while all get personally a great pleasure from the children’s company.

Representatives of the species is very patient and kind, if you have a heavy schedule at home and you see yourself only occasionally – your pet will look forward to their own tired host to warm and to please after a hard day. Also, if the house is not a pet – Do not worry, no quarrels and conflicts with Australian Misty can not be. Care of cats little known, because Cats themselves are not so common. Naturally, as every cat, it is important to love and good personal attitude of the owner, because the most important thing is to earn the trust and sympathy pet.

Specific information on how to care for Australians and does not need to generate any difficulties arise. They find it very resistant to disease, and most importantly, what was said above, the highlight of cats in their coloration suit in the form of tikirovany: whether it is the owners of blue, brown, vanilla, chocolate, lilac, peach or clear-golden color – the main drawing will always remain marbled or mottled, and it adds to the unusual breed Australian smoky cat.

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