Ragdoll cats breed

Photos, description Ragdoll cat breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Ragdoll cat breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Representatives cats ragdoll breed also called other names, like Cherubino or cherub. But the main title is great pets. Translated from the English word “the ragdoll” means “rag doll”. Named in honor of the cat so that when the baby takes someone on hand, it is subject to them so much to relax, they start to droop limply and feel a certain relaxation. Founders ragdoll species become angora and Burmese. The first little kitten Ragdoll appeared in the California territories. Pets become immediately popular, but outside of America presented the practice of breeding species is quite rare.

For its own conformation traits cats have: a large, muscular torso (individual cat grows up to nine kilograms); head has a V-shape sheet, which neatly placed large, expressive eyes pale blue and bulging cheeks; the tail part of the kids much pubescent, the tail is long, medium thickness. Wool cover more than satisfactory cats, pets have long, silky hairs and the molting period the representatives ragdoll does not actually exist, that is, constant problems with the wool, and special care is required.

On the role of pets, cats cope fine. Pets have a quiet disposition, easily trained, fairly quickly attached to the holder and gently apply to the other inhabitants of the house in which they live. If you are looking for a kitten, who can easily live in a small apartment, the ideal ragdoll. You can not worry about them when you are not home, or an urgent need to go somewhere, cats tolerate loneliness, though will still miss those who have tamed them. Kids love to play and their personal fancy enough for a wide variety of entertainment, which will be able to participate as a host, and other pet, living side by side.

Practice has shown that in most cases ragdoll representatives do not respond to pain, or simply do not want to show that they were in pain, and this should be taken very seriously. Even with significant injuries or damage the owner will know that something happened to the pet. It may also be due to the calm nature of cats. In the care of ragdoll important to make the right diet, including food constantly vitamin supplements. Ferrets are very often there is no need to bathe and comb the hair with a special brush is sufficient time to time to maintain the beautiful appearance of kittens.

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