Oregon Rex breed description cats

Photos, description cats breed Oregon Rex, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description cats breed Oregon Rex, characteristic for home breeding

The first mention of the breed Oregon Rex was seen in approximately 1944, when the found similar to the description of the breed in the documents of one of the associations of cat lovers. Later, similar associations have achieved recognition as a separate breed, and on the eve of the 20th century (1995) was officially registered the first representative of the variety in the US state – OREON. The first official kitten was still small. From other distinguished his hair with small kudryahami and his people shorthair cat American species. In parallel, the time of the Great Britain has been exported to the first Cornish Rex. Then the scientists and began to cross breed between related persons, and was bred another breed is independent of the other original – Oregon Rex. Later, a kind of spread in the United States of America and became the most popular of the rex varieties that existed in the past time in all regions.

So, let’s talk a little bit about how the general came into the above breed. The research activities of spontaneous genetic mutation in the first half of the 20th century brought a new kind of Rex cat breed, from which subgroup of Oregon became the primary type. The largest number of the popularity of the breed Oregon Rex scored in the Americans immediately after the formal study of the characteristics and qualities of the registered breed.

In modern clean kind of the above breeds it is actually very difficult to find, and there are similar instances of a sufficient amount of money. Especially the maximum dilution was a Cornish Rex and Devon Rex. What has been said above, the rock disappears, because a lot of other not clogged purebred specimens given negative outcome. Not very much is known about the latter, thoroughbred representatives of this species, only that her death occurred in the second half of the 19th century (about 1972). Still, the kittens are not looking for anything quite cute, playful, smart and found a cat lover like most dedicated. Pets are not very demanding, they do not need extra care or special feeding. For wool cats better combing comb with teeth middle profusion.

Sometimes practiced to let pets for a walk in the fresh air, but be sure to feed well, so fat spent resumed. If your pet is constantly indoors, try to feed the middle portions of foods with a high fat composition, this leads to obesity: the cat does not spend sufficient amount of food they ate. As a result, studies have shown that starts to hurt and lose activity of the immune system.

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