American Wirehair description

Photos, description cat breed American Shorthair, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description cat breed American Shorthair, characteristic for home breeding

The initial appearance of the place haired cat breeds American became the United States and Canada, about the second half of the 19th century. Then the breed was extended across Europe. According to research of the natural mutation of the American short-haired variety, the results appeared in a woolen coat, due to genetic stock changes. Origin American haired cat, no doubt due to a variety of American Shorthair representatives. And indeed, for its genetic characteristics of the breed has identical factors. But in the modern world we decided to diversify the visual rock wool, like a wire. This principle is valid distinction in appearance only, if you touch and stroke a cat of this breed, seen absolutely normal and soft wool cover almost all over the body (thigh part, the head, the back and the outer area), just a little harsh tail section, similar to the coarse wire.

As pets, cats are very mobile, smart, playful and without any problems acclimatized and accustomed to innovation. Each cat of this breed is characterized by its uniqueness. On wool diversely manifested hairs (sometimes glued together, sometimes slightly twisted) that applies to the mustache, eyebrows pets. Through this feature, after bathing cats do not comb to the uniqueness of the coat looked genuine and natural, and the hairs have remained a little twisted. The maximum or minimum expression, similar to the wire hairs depends on individual factors inherent genetic characteristics.

American Wirehaired representatives have similar conformation traits: harmonious construction of a beautiful body, plump little face medium-sized, small, oval legs, similar to the case size, curled tail, crisp, designed the skull, giving head roundness, well developed cheekbones, widely positioned slightly folded ears. The appearance of the cats of this breed is almost always admirable, they are very graceful and beautiful, but it all adds to their insightful look great, unusual eye, which are colors always suited to a variety of woolen coat.

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